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  • A380 phenomenon

    Yes, I know that I maybe should better fly the CLS B742s and I should shut my mouth but...
    Is there a known alternative to the Wilco A380?

    I've read more than 1 review about that and even without having read that, it seems obvious that a simulation can't be 100% precise, that has been released more than 12 months before the bird has shown 1 or 2 years in scheduled service.

    P.S. I don't wanna place a CLS supporter logo here but, I am convinced of their A330 quality. And they offer a PA-B742 (yes, PanAm), which obviously not only I was lookin for quite a long time.
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    No Airbuses are simulated like the real thing in FS - The Wilco stuff is pretty awful. You could always merge the Wilco panel with the Project Airbus A380 (in the making) but you won't be able to fly it like a real A380.