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Swiftair MD-80 LYBE-UUWW

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  • Swiftair MD-80 LYBE-UUWW

    Got the old Swiftair Mad Dog for a spin again.

    Taxi clearance at Belgrade

    Next in line behind an JAT 737 and Air France A319.

    Blasting away while a LOT behind to land

    View from an Iberworld A320 wich was passing by while climbing to cruising altitude.

    Overhead Lvov UKLL

    Descending into the Moscow CTR

    Talked in by Domodedevo approach

    On the ILS for rnw 6 at Vnukovo and cleared to land. Noth the best weather as you can see... (used real time weather)

    Out of the clouds and almost down while an UTair 737 is ready for departure.

    Down and rolling out

    Waiting to cross the active because of a departing Atlant Soyuz Tu-154.

    Nice to see some Russian hardware at the apron.

    Arrived at a remote stand. Note the smoking Antonov 12 departing!

    Hope you liked them,
    comments always welcome!
    “The only time you have too much fuel is when you’re on fire.”