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  • Virutal Skies Press Release

    On behalf of Virtual Skies Ireland and United Kingdom, it gives me great pleasure to announce the opening of both countries.

    Virtual Skies is a network committed to delivering a friendly, professional service that both controllers and pilots alike can enjoy. Virtual Skies takes great pride in developing both our pilots and controllers to the highest standards through full and comprehensive support and mentoring.

    Virtual Skies also offer a number of features for virtual airlines; we offer you an integrated careers system within our own website as well as integrated statistics boards and the ability to advertise your airline and various aspects such as vacancies within your airline, on our forums and website.

    If you are unsure about flying online and donít feel you have the necessary skills come and join us, you will receive a warm welcome. If your virtual airline is scared of being part of something larger, come and join us. You will not look back.

    Best Regards
    Ryan Taylor & Jack Plumb
    UK Country Manager & Director of Operations