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What is your normal cruise height for Short Haul

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  • What is your normal cruise height for Short Haul

    What the subject says!
    I'm having difficulty in settling on my ideal cruise height.
    I know most airliners fly at 36,000ft aprox, but I seem to spend so much fuel getting there, I tend to settle for half that for any flight under 250nm.

    Would this be an ideal & realistic cruise level?

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    I know what you mean.

    Flight sim is quite a bit unrealistic in these aspects though. offers real-life, live trackings of aircraft altitudes and other flight information.

    For the 400-nm flight between San Diego and San Jose, I usually take my B737 to a mere 27,000 feet.

    According to Flightaware, Southwest Airlines flight 641 from Las Vegas to Phoenix flies a 300 mile journey at FL290.

    Good luck!

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      IF you use the ATC..they'll most likely direct you to around FL 180-190


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        I don't know so many flights which are really shorter than 250 nm and which for you can buy tickets, i.e. which is served by an airline...

        There is a definition in Europe which says, a short haul flight is everything that is 810 nm (1500 km) or shorter. In this category, we know a lot of examples:
        EDDL - LIRF
        EDDL - LOWW
        EDDL - LIMC
        ... . . . . .....

        So, the case that you've described is the short haul amongst the short haul flights. And even in this category which I call "super short haul", there is a difference (concerning the alt that you should not exceed) between
        EDDL - EBLG
        [which is an example for "is not served by an airline"]
        EDDL - EDDH
        [which in fact IS served by an airline... ].

        So, can you give an example? Which flight are you looking for?
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