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My Avatar and appropriate airports

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  • LH-B744
    I am not so familiar with BAe Nimrods.

    Afaik, LH has never owned such an a/c. But what I know is, my nickname is still flying and flying and flying...

    It's not very kind to answer to one of my own posts. This seems to be a part of jp's quality. This is rather an aviation website than a simulator homepage, which I appreciate.

    You may have noticed that my avatar, the D-ABVD has gone the way that we all go (into heaven). But my nickname is alive.

    For all those who wonder which airport the threadstarter has posted, it is...

    O'Hare Intercontinental Airport, of course. This must be a real airport, until today I have only been there in form of my fsx simulator.

    PS: Times change. Between what the threadstarter has posted and the following 2 links there are how many years? Btw, the registration never changes (Victor Lima).

    1) This time I'll give a hint. This is the year 2010.
    2) This time I don't give a hint, or do I. LH-B744s have flown without the URL at least until 2004.

    So, Mr Parker could help us with Number 2). But, if he's not here, which year is in Number 2) ?
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  • LH-B744
    started a topic My Avatar and appropriate airports

    My Avatar and appropriate airports

    You know my avatar.

    But this is a thread for airports that are good for B744s, this doesn't necessarily have to be only my thread.
    You'll recognize this airport, I stopped directly next to our retro jet, our ex-Yankee XRay.
    [Beware, this is 1600x900 again, should I resize it?]

    PS: Is my avatar really good for 5 or 10 frames more than my contemporary, my B742? A LH-B744 is worth it, not only because of the frames. And she's got a name, finally.
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