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My favourite aircraft: screenshots, questions, ...

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  • LH-B744
    And what do we see here? A little quiz for all kiwis and all kangaroos...
    [Damn, I always talk too much... ]

    The last remnants of the summer in the South Pacific. So, what is it?
    airport (dep): ?
    destination (arr): ?
    (let me expect your rough guess, the airline is obvious...)

    reg: VH-OEJ
    remarks: Not her current livery. But, could colours better represent a country?

    [1600x900. In a next step, I'll resize all my jp uploads. This is not a very handy size.]


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  • My favourite aircraft: screenshots, questions, ...

    Sometimes, it seems like me and porter are the only ones who keep an eye on our fs section... ?!

    Anyone? If not, so be it.

    I confess, I very rarely publish screenshots. But today I wanna combine it with a question. Let me first show you the machine (be careful, smartphone users, 1600 x 900).

    @ our SFO spotters. What's wrong in this picture?

    Let me give you a hint or two. This is a good livery. But, what would make it perfect?
    You can compare (click on it to make it fit to your browser window):

    I don't know much about liveries. [For perfectionists:] Otherwise I'd try to change the font above the 2R door in my screenshot, and the waistline...
    All in all, the painter has done a good job. Thanks for it!

    PS: Are precision manuals liveries good without post-processing? If you ask me, definitely yes. All my jp uploads are original.
    Last edited by LH-B744; 2015-02-19, 01:48. Reason: + "Come on, this is a fake..." - No, it is not.