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My favourite aircraft: screenshots, questions, ...

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  • LH-B744
    Well. Was it too easy? This is not my thread. Feel invited, post your screenshots.

    There is one fact that I understand. Jp has never been a platform for flight simulation. And I love this platform for questions that never appeared here..
    "Why can't you provide airport xxxx for fs9? We'll dislike you if you won't"

    But let this be my jp section. Brian takes care of the offtopic section, and the photographers.
    Seahawk takes care of the EDDL based aviation enthusiasts...

    And I take care of the jp simulator section. Imho, this would fall abandoned if not porter and me would be here.

    So, one week is enough. It is of course,
    QF-B744ER on her way from
    Normally, these flights are not operated with B744, I know that.

    But nobody identified Auckland intl airport. I know that we have Australians here in this forum. But nobody from NZ?

    Well, we should work on that. See you soon, until the next quiz.

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  • LH-B744
    And what do we see here? A little quiz for all kiwis and all kangaroos...
    [Damn, I always talk too much... ]

    The last remnants of the summer in the South Pacific. So, what is it?
    airport (dep): ?
    destination (arr): ?
    (let me expect your rough guess, the airline is obvious...)

    reg: VH-OEJ
    remarks: Not her current livery. But, could colours better represent a country?

    [1600x900. In a next step, I'll resize all my jp uploads. This is not a very handy size.]


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  • My favourite aircraft: screenshots, questions, ...

    Sometimes, it seems like me and porter are the only ones who keep an eye on our fs section... ?!

    Anyone? If not, so be it.

    I confess, I very rarely publish screenshots. But today I wanna combine it with a question. Let me first show you the machine (be careful, smartphone users, 1600 x 900).

    @ our SFO spotters. What's wrong in this picture?

    Let me give you a hint or two. This is a good livery. But, what would make it perfect?
    You can compare (click on it to make it fit to your browser window):

    I don't know much about liveries. [For perfectionists:] Otherwise I'd try to change the font above the 2R door in my screenshot, and the waistline...
    All in all, the painter has done a good job. Thanks for it!

    PS: Are precision manuals liveries good without post-processing? If you ask me, definitely yes. All my jp uploads are original.
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