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  • LH-B744
    LH 171 is my flight number. It is only used for unscheduled flights or for flights, which have been altered in comparison to the original summer 2015 flightplan.

    And indeed, we departed from the classic T2 (default BCN fsx), and not from T1.
    [Upload 005]

    Not a problem so far, departure to the East.
    [Upload 006]

    This one is close, very close.
    [Upload 007]

    The 23R. Back home.
    [Upload 008]

    It is not difficult. Until today, nobody really knows what went wrong (in the F/Os head). But since March I've only met people who are convinced that aviation is the safest way to travel. Me included.
    [Upload 009]

    Anyone without a Full HD screen? If yes, ask your neighbour...
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  • LH-B744
    started a topic Bcn - dus

    Bcn - dus

    All DUS bound pilots, and I don't only want to mention Patrick, who was an experienced flight captain with enough flight hours to get respect also from older pilots (he was only 3 years younger than me),
    have one flight, which they 've got to fly after day #zero.

    Like many others, I also did it. Don't let us mention the a/c, we all know the appropriate one...
    Probably, I've consciously not chosen the type which was forced to the total loss in March, 2015. Happy (and seldom) is a pilot who has the choice...

    Scheduled t/o at BCN is the same as in March. And it's still the same time for t/o. And, good flight weather assumed,

    it's a flight which I recommend not only because of BCN. You can also enjoy some pictures inflight, if you have a good F/O.
    Oops. Sometimes, my words sound a little bit hard. But believe me, the aim is ALWAYS the health of humans, not only flight captains included.

    Let's see what I've made of it.
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