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  • LH-B744
    Originally posted by ebo77 View Post
    If your into study sims ConcordeX by fslabs is an excellent payware aircraft
    Yes. This is the wet dream of at least every European pilot, I'd guess.

    But imho, she is not a discount a/c. There is a German fs professional (people who sell semi-pro products or fs products which have been tested by at least two pilots of a major airline...), who sells the Concorde for, at this monday 59,99 Euros, shipping not included.

    Sure, it's worth a look on my birthday wishlist. But for me, it is a decision.
    precision manuals B773ER (base package + 773 extension).

    I don't have a rich wive (yet).

    PS: Aside of the financial aspect, there should be realism. An airline pilot learns 5 advanced aircraft (at least two engines) in his life, or six if he has to. My history in fs is:
    Baron 58
    precision manuals B737 fs9
    wilcopub A32S
    precision manuals B747 fsx
    ... ?
    I think, it is really a decision, Concorde or triple7.

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  • ebo77
    If your into study sims ConcordeX by fslabs is an excellent payware aircraft

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  • LH-B744
    started a topic Fsx payware discussion

    Fsx payware discussion

    Let's say, it is quite obvious what I am using. And I still use it because I can give an unrestricted recommendation for this aircraft.

    But there is more than only the prototype for longhaul flights.

    Embraer 190 just seems like a special offer, sold by the manufacturer:

    And this is a question, which could be answered by persons who bought the product. Has the A380 been tested by a pilot of a major airline by now?
    I don't have a clue, that's why I'm asking. This is the offer:

    757? If you look for an aircraft which is supported by not only the manufacturer (operator forums, fan base, individual add-ons, ...), I think it should be this one:
    757 liveries

    Btw, all the links are untested, i.e. I don't have a clue if the products are good.
    But, as not only the 757 is active in the year 2015, these links are at least worth a look.

    [To be continued, not only with aircraft]
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