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    Is there anyone out there that can help me with an aviation slide collection. My father left my thousands of aviation slides he has taken over many many years. It will be quite the job to index them all, but not sure if how to go about what I have here. Thinking about donating to museum, but maybe others might have different opinion on what to do with them. Mostly military, but he was very big into Oshkosh/EAA as well. Any help would be appreciated.

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    You could always sell them on Ebay. Other to that you are better off to scan them first before donating them to a museum.


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      Hi John:
      There are several places to sell aviation slides as or but if you want to sell the lot you could do it on eBay.
      Anyway, any buyer would need an estimate quantity, dates and airframes covered, brand of slides (there's a lot of collectors who only look for Kodachrome) and that you could scan some samples.
      Perhaps if you give an idea here you could find a direct buyer, though I don't know if the forum rules allow to do it.
      Whatever you do, try to find them a secure place as there are a lot of collections being lost and it's a real shame.