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    About a year ago, I purchased a "United Air Atlas" for a dollar. It is from the early to mid 1960s and places emphasis on United's "Mainliners." It folds out to reveal a large highly detailed map with United routes on it. On the reverse is information about the land seen from the air and other information. When folded, the front has a picture of a DC-8 flying on it and the back has drawings of all of United's jet aircraft on. Does anybody have any idea what is might be worth? It is in really good condition, the only flaw on it is the word "DC9-3" written small on a corner of the back folded side in pencil. Here is a picture of the front of it (it is not faded like the picture, the scanner scanned it that way):

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    Whichever today's value, you stroke a nice deal. My guess would be 10/15 US dollars.
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      Maybe a $1.50? D
      Some people in today's society are so thick!


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        Originally posted by Ansett
        Maybe a $1.50? D

        I see your $1.50 and I raise you .01, for bid of $1.51


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          Well, found one on ebay: bid: $4.99. 0 Bids


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            wait a few years and it might be up to 5.99 . I've got an old DH Mosquito Servic manual/log that I'm hoolding on to, in the hope that it'll accumulate some value in 10 or 15 years