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  • My Aviation Collection - Some very rare stuff

    Alright Guys, in light of my dad passing away a couple months ago, I can no longer mooch money off my parents for camera equipment and flying lessons.

    I'm trying to save some money for both, so I'm selling off my entire collection of Aviation Memoribilia. It breaks my heart to have to do this, but I need the money more then I need all of this. I'm posting it all here first to let all my jetphotos buddies have first dibs on whatever they want.

    If you are interested in something, or would like pics of something, PM me, or e-mail [email protected].

    Die-Cast :
    Gemini Jets Thai International 747-400 N/C

    Gemini Jets RYANAIR 737-800 N/C
    Herpa Wings United 757-200 O/C
    Herpa Wings Western Pacific 737-300 ‘The Simpsons’
    Herpa Wings Hamburg International 737-700

    Singapore Airlines 2005 Calender
    Singapore Airlines Annual Report CD-ROM 04/05
    Malmo Aviation Keychain
    5 Packs of Legend Airlines Playing Cards
    British Airways Sterling Silver Concorde Keychain by Links of London
    AirNova Hard Plastic Luggage Tag

    Air New Zealand Paper Model A320 Kit
    Program for the first Air New Zealand Q300 delivery celebration
    Northwest Airlines Unfilled ‘First Flight’ Certificate
    JetBlue Paper Airplane Kit
    Air Berlin Notepad nylon bag
    Song Bagged Plastic Cutlery Set
    Israir Coloring Book w/colored crayons
    Czech online booking bumper sticker
    Czech Airlines Agents Bumper Sticker
    Malmo Aviation Postcard Sticker
    Malmo Aviation Bumper Sticker advertising fares between STOCKHOLM-MALMO-GOTEBORG-UMEA
    Malmo Aviation Bae-146 In Flight Sticker
    Bombardier Round Mouse Pad
    Olympic Airlines ‘Canada’ Round Mousepad
    Virgin Atlantic ‘SUPER GRADE OIL’ Oil can shaped mousepad
    Austrian Airlines Small Notepad

    200+ Postcards including:
    eurocyperia airlines
    Air Berlin
    SATA International
    Malmo Aviation
    Binter Canaries (2 Cards have ‘Airline of the year, 05/06 lapel pins attached)
    Lufthansa(one features an ‘LH 2006’ Lapel Pin)
    Gulf Air
    air transat
    Air New Zealand
    CSA Czech Airlines
    Turkish Airlines
    Air Finland
    Thai International
    Virgin Atlantic
    Monarch Airlines
    Austrian Airlines/Austrian Arrows

    US Air ‘Your Passport to Europe’ Notepad
    Monarch colored pencil package

    Kelowna Flightcraft Sticker
    7 Various Cyprus Airways Stickers
    3 Thai Logo Stickers
    2 Belair Stickers
    Turkish Airlines ‘reverse’ sticker
    LTU A320 Sticker
    4 Round Skyteam Logo Stickers
    2 eurocyperia ‘I love flying eurocyperia’ stickers
    British Airways Concorde Sticker (70s/80s)
    Bombardier Q400 Demonstrator Oval Sticker
    Sun Express Round Sticker
    National Helicoptors Rectangular contact info/logo sticker
    National Helicoptors Oval Logo/1-800# sticker
    Air New Zealand/Bombardier Dash-8-Q200 Oval Sticker
    Cirrus ‘Chute Happens’ Sticker
    Mytravel Airways Rectangular Logo Sticker
    Iran Air Logo/A300 Sticker
    Binter Canaries Bumper Sticker
    Turkish Airlines Bumper Sticker
    Iran Air Logo Sticker
    LTU Rectangular Logo Sticker
    Indipendance Air ‘I am not normal’ Bumper sticker
    Austrian Airlines A330 and Q400 Bumper Stickers
    8.5x11CM sheet of various Iran Air ‘reverse’ Stickers

    Airbus Stickers:
    Dragonair A330
    Dragonair A321
    Mytravel A321
    Air Jamaica A321
    Kuwait Airways A310
    British Caledonian A310
    Air Jamaica A300 O/C
    Indian Airlines A300 O/C

    Time Tables:
    SATA Summer 2006 x2
    SATA Winter 05/06
    Virgin Atlantic ‘FLYNG FACTS’ Schedules and Information March 2005
    Gulf Air Traveller Euro Shuttle
    SunExpress April-October 2006
    AirBerlin May-October 2005
    CSA Czech Airlines Winter 05/06
    Singapore Airlines North American Services and Schedule Nov.05-Mar.06
    Cyprus Airways Summer 2005 x2
    Turkish Airlines Summer 2006
    CSA Czech Airlines Summer 2006
    Lufthansa Winter 05/06
    Thai International Summer 2005
    Austrian Airlines Winter 04/05

    Booklets/Various Printer Materials
    Lufthansa/Netjets Info Booklet
    Virgin Airlines The Flying Facts Information Booklet
    Austrian Airlines ‘Welcome on board!’ Info booklet
    Lufthansa Services on board and at the airport booklet
    Unites Airlines Aircraft Seating Guide – 1979
    WHY FLY I? Inflight Booklets, Oct. Sept. and July 2005
    Olympic Airlines Inflight Entertainment Program Guide
    SATA Fold-out Information booklet
    SATA Passenger Logbook
    Gulf Air Staff Firm Space Holiays booklet Autumn 04 (available to employees only)
    Gulf Traveller Information Booklet ‘new airline’
    Republic Airlines annual Report 1980
    Western Airlines Package – Folder, Various Items, Postcard, seating guides, route maps, ad campaign flyers stickers, paper, guides, other stuff.
    ISRAIR Agents Manual 2006

    Binter Canaries 2006 Wallet Calender 2006 x2
    SATA Coloring Book
    ‘Malmo Aviation in Brief’ info booklet
    Singapore Airlines ‘Cabin Baggage Regulation’ Notice Pamphlet
    Lufthansa ‘etix’ pamphlet
    Singapore Airlines ‘The Raffles Class SpaceBed’ Pamphlet
    Singapore Airlines KRISWORLD ‘Movies for DEC 2005’
    Cathay Pacific ‘Now you’re really flying’ Info Booklet

    Inflight Magazines:
    WestJet 10th Anniversary
    Thai 'Sawasdee' Sept. 2005
    Cyprus Airways ‘SUNJET’ Summer 2005
    SATA ‘Azorean Spirit’ Spring 2006
    Sun Express ‘sunny times’ Feb. 2006
    Air Berlin Mar. 2005
    Belair ‘belvie’ Summer 2005
    Austrian Airlines ‘skylines’ May/June 2005
    Iran Air ‘HOMA’ April/May 2006
    Gulf Air January 2006
    Thai ‘KINNAREE’ Sept. 2005
    WestJet ‘up!’ September 2005
    CSA Czech Airlines ‘review’ May-June 2006
    CSA Czech Airlines ‘review’ March-April 2006
    Air New Zealand ‘Take Me Away’ May 2006
    Lufthansa magazine, Apr. 05 and Jan. 06

    Other Stuff:

    2 Israir Air Sickness Bags (un-used)
    LTU Limited Exition Lapel Pin Collection
    LTU Ballpoint Pen
    Turkish Airlines Ballpoint Pen
    US Air Electronic Ticketing Ballpoint Pen
    Western Airlines Ballpoint Pen
    Binter Canaries Ballpoint Pen
    Air Berlin Ballpoint Pen
    JAL Un-used toothbrush
    Monarch Ballpoint Pen
    Cirrus Ballpoint Pen
    Virgin Atlantic Ballpoint Pen
    2 LTU Balloons
    Monarch Eraser
    US Airways Toothbrust/Toothpaste
    Northwest, jetBlue, America West and Western Airlines Plastic Wings

    Pins round pin
    ‘Enjoy your WESTERN experience’ pin

    ‘The Widest smile coast to coast’ PSA-USAir Pin
    ‘Lets Takeoff together, call US’ Piedmont/US Airways Pin
    US Air ‘Business Select’ Pin
    ‘Fly the flag’ US Airways Pin
    ‘The state of our union’ PSA/USAir Pin
    Ryanair Tail Lapel Pin
    Gulf Air BAHRAIN grand Prix 2004 Lapel Pin
    US Airways/Star Alliance Logo Pin
    US, PSA, Piedmont, Allegheny Airlines, America West Logos Lapel Pin
    Cathay Pacific Logo Pin
    Harmony Airways (HMY) Tail Lapel Pin

    DHL Logo Lapel Pin

    Safety Cards :

    1x JetBlue A320
    1x AA 737
    1x AA MD-80
    1x Air Canada Jazz Dash-8-100
    2x Air Canada A320
    2x Air Canada 767-300
    1x Air Canada A319
    1x Air Transat A310
    1x Israir 767-300
    1x Israir 757
    1x Israir ATR Series
    1x Southwest Airlines 737
    1x MyTravel A320
    1x Premiair DC-10
    1x Premiair A320
    1x Premiair A300
    1x Air Berlin 737-800
    1x Thai International A300
    1x Thai International 747-300/-400
    1x Thai International 737-400
    3x CSA A310
    1x CSA 737-500
    1x Austrian Airlines A330
    1x Cyprus Airways A330
    1x Cyprus Airways A320
    1x Cyprus Airways A319
    1x FlyBe BAe 146
    1x Air Canada Jazz CRJ-705
    5x Song Airlines 757-200
    10x Britannia 757-200
    1x Varig Brazil MD-11
    2x TWA MD-80

    1x Air Canada A340
    1x Air Canada 767M
    1x Air Canada CL-65
    1x Air Canada DC-9
    2x Air Canada A320

    Christian Vlček Sullivan | Through The Fence Photography
    Forever New Frontiers

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    Sweet lord, estate sale!
    My Flickr Pictures! Click Me!


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      Wow!!! That is a shitload of stuff. Had to have been years in the making. - playing guitar


      • #4
        Quite a collection, it makes me wonder what I would have if I counted every aviation related thing I own. I doubt it would come close to meeting yours.


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          alright, I've sold some stuff to Cameron, is anyone else interested in anything?
          Christian Vlček Sullivan | Through The Fence Photography
          Forever New Frontiers


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            How much for the concorde safety card, and/or all of the US Air related pins, mate?


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              Originally posted by Star Alliance
              How much for the concorde safety card, and/or all of the US Air related pins, mate?
              sorry concorde card is so expensive no wone would ever buy it

              as for the Pins, make an offer, rejection is easier that way
              Christian Vlček Sullivan | Through The Fence Photography
              Forever New Frontiers


              • #8
                Hey chris,
                I would really love to have the Cathay Pacific Logo Pin, i need it for my school uniform to wear, do you think you are able to email me [email protected] ASAP!!!


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                  Originally posted by Cathay Pacific pilot View Post
                  Hey chris,
                  I would really love to have the Cathay Pacific Logo Pin, i need it for my school uniform to wear, do you think you are able to email me [email protected] ASAP!!!
                  SEVEN year old thread...


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                    Some people claim its never too late
                    Join my airline memorabilia Yahoo group.