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Shannon 10/12/05

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  • Shannon 10/12/05

    I know this is probly a long shot, But does anyone have the REG of the Air Sahara 767 i think it was that was parked up here that day, Theres possibly a pic of it on here so i'l check that too, but from where i was i couldnt get the REG.



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    the following is your baby ( credit to Trevor Mulkerrins and the Irish Spotters Yahoo mail group ) :-

    N645UA B.767-322(ER)(25280) S2 Full Air Sahara(S2) colours & titles. Ex
    United Airlines(UAL). Delivery.



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      Thank you very much for your help, I'm just starting to type up all my REG's and realised i hadnt got one for that, Theres loads of other aircraft i'd seen on that day that i didnt get any for aswell, Due to just driving by.

      Is there a link to their group to see what was in on that day, I remember seeing a BMI Baby parked over at Maintenance, a Polet 767, two Excel 757's and i think they had TF REG's and there was an American MD-11, Not American Airlines, Just an MD-11 from america.

      I took some pictures of the airfield and these aircraft are visible but i cant read the REG's on it, Also i believe there was two A330's in on that day, Aer Lingus, One being EI-LAX, some help with the other would be Much appreciated, Not being from ireland i should have paid more attention taking the REG's but it didn't bother me too much at the time, Now i realise they are a good thing to have!

      Cheers for your help!!



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        Here is the link to the group, you have to get accepted by the administrator to be able to gain full access - if you are interested in irish movements and ott movements etc., it can be very helpful.....

        Hope they don't mind me quoting them


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          Cheers, Yeah well im hopefully planning another visit to SNN as it was pretty good last time. Next time i'll be paying more attention on the REG's though!

          Cheers for your help.