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  • Thomsonfly/TUI Headrest

    Hey all, Since i flew Britannia in 2004 and the plane had TUI Seat covers, and Heardrest's i have always wanted one, i have tried many ways to get one, ebay, E-Mailing Thomson but i havent been able to get one,

    Is there any way i could get one without flying Thomsonfly and steeling one?

    Here is a pic of the Headrest's:

    Thanks alot all,


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    And very nice headrests they are too. If i was flying with them i would get one for you, But it was thomas cook this year im afraid. I'm sure someone who is flying with them can get one for you. Or you could book yourself a day trip with them from Coventry or Doncaster and steal one that way! unless the low cost thomsonfly have a different interior...

    Maybe you missed your golden opportunity when you flew with them though.

    If we fly with them next year then remind me to get you one


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      at Jetairfly they had a different style of headrests this year, could be they changed the design for all TUI airlines?


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        That is true sab319, Although last year when i flew with them they were like that, But since then they have been introducing the leather interior i believe, Not flown with them for over a year so i couldn't comment on what it is now.


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          I always thought that they were sewn on! I'm gonna knick every single one on my next flight!


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            Its just velcro


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              budget man, nick one of you really want one.