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    Press Release Eastern United Software Corporation

    Monday, July 21st. 2003

    For years members of the global aviation community have been looking for a way to compete against each other over the internet in a global airline simulation. Today that dream has become a reality, with the release of Eastern United Software's Airline Executive Online. Airline Executive Online is the first game in a series of Airline games being developed by Eastern United Software Corporation. Airline Executive Online is a totally online game where users from throughout the world using almost any internet browser or computer setup can compete against each other in a simulated airline environment. Airline Executive Online features daily calculation which is equivalent to one simulated week, each calculation takes into account direct AS WELL AS hub and spoke competing flights, and it tracks passengers on an individual basis. Airline Executive Online features a rich user interface that incorporates all of the following with consistent free updates to achieve a consistently expanding environment:
    Totally online and accessible from anywhere in the world.
    Ability to purchase accurate real world airlines to control or purchase and historical airline.
    200+ Different Aircraft Types (Many with real pictures, we are always adding pics)
    All pictures available for free download (non commercial use only)
    900+ World Wide Cities that all are correctly sized based off real passenger data + constant additions based on user feed back
    Unlimited Subsidiaries and Alliances
    A Real Time Stock Market
    Orders/Options/Leasing/Buying of aircraft (Ability to cancel leases and orders for a realist cost to your carrier)
    Flexible Bonds/Loans/Chapter 11 and Chapter 7 Bankruptcy support
    Charter Flights/All Cargo Flights/Regular Flights
    Ability to set aircraft utilization
    Integrated Help System
    Yield Management System
    Hubs or Non Hub Operations
    Delivery rates our dependent on the number orders
    Lease previously owned aircraft
    Control Aircraft Delivery Rates
    Ability to Reconfigure Aircraft
    Aircraft and Monetary Transfers
    Variety of control over service profiles
    Variety of control over Maintenance and security
    Variety of control over employees pay
    Ability to control flight pricing per seat unit (Mile or KM)
    Support for Metric or Imperial Units
    Dynamic Map
    Reports screen that allows you to view data on any airline
    Realist Economy with Inflation Rate/Interest Rates/Tax Rates dependent on economic conditions and historical data.
    Calculation takes Weather into account
    Ability to acquire competitors
    Ability to port your airline to Airline Executive or Airline Executive for Windows Mobile

    Some of the features that are being added in are:
    Ability to acquire all of the following (Slots, Gates, Check in Desks, Self Service Kiosks, Training Centers, Reservation Call Centers, Ground Equipment, Ticket Offices, Fuel Storage, De-ice pads, Ramp Tower, Landing Rights, Corporate Offices, Hangars)
    Advanced Weather that is drawn on the map.
    More Aircraft Photos
    Fuel Contracts
    Fuel Hedging
    More Advanced Scheduling (Possibly drop and drag)
    Aircraft Production Limits
    Corporate Jet Airlines (Flex Jet, Executive Jet)
    Converting Orders and Options
    Personalized Airline Logos (You design them)
    Airline Stock Mergers
    Consistently Expanding Customers Service, and Ground Service Options
    Partial Network Sales
    Expanded Events
    More Leasing Options (ACII, Wet Leases)
    Personalized Aircraft Color Schemes
    One of the most exciting features of the Airline Executive series will be the ability to purchase airlines based off real world or historical carriers for use in any of the games including Airline Executive Online. Eastern United Software is planning on releasing a DirectX 9 based game for the PC called Airline Executive and a PocketPC game called Airline Executive for Windows Mobile, both games are currently under development and will provided full support Airline Executive Online. Airline Executive Online is available for purchased from or . To commemorate the release of the software Eastern United Software is offering a special deal, until July 31st you can get a lifetime membership for the price of a yearly membership. The regular price of the membership will be $75 a year for a regular member or $25 for a 3 month membership. Valid academic customers can buy a membership for $45 a year. For more info, or if you have questions please contact us at [email protected] .