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  • Airline ADs?


    I collect every airline ad I see in a magazine or stuff, I have from Avianca, Aces, Sam, AeroRepública, American, Continental, Varig, Air France, British Airways, Copa Airlines, West Caribbean Airways, Servivensa and some more...

    do you also collect???

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    I clip em when I see them. I have all the US airlines except jetblue,american,southwest and frontier. I also have a Star Alliance one and Mexicana.


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      I only collect old ones. I have one from the 70s with an American 747. I also have one from '58 that has an American 707, but is an advertisement for hushkits. I also have a 1973 Delta DC-10 and an early 60s ad for the DC-8, listing all the airlines that have placed orders.
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        i have a couple of Ansett and Qantas stuff as well as Impulse which are down under
        Some people in today's society are so thick!


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          I spent an entire weekend going through old National Geographics clipping out aviation ads.

          Found: Pan Am, Panagra, Sabena, Air Canada, Douglas DC-8, some from Vought, Aeronaves de Mexico, Air France (even an Air France Caravelle ad).

          VERY cool stuff


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            i can remember those magazines they were pretty good
            Some people in today's society are so thick!