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  • Luggage tracker tags

    Here's another one of things I save, the tag that they put on the handle of your luggage with the arrival info on it. I also collect the ticket jackets that they stuff your boarding pass into.

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    I collect the name tags for luggage.

    Why do you need all those airlines in your sig?


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      I keep my boarding pass and ticket jackets as well as any other paper documents issued by the travel agents (if any).


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        I also collect those things!!!
        I have an AeroRepública luggage handle thingy stuck to my screen....

        Equipaje Medellín Número 169898 Vuelo 7508

        (Luggage Medellin number 169898 Flight 750


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          i got boading passes?
          Some people in today's society are so thick!


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            I have a lot of the Luggage tags! I keep mine, my familys, relatives that come to visit and other peoples who I find on the ground at the airport (Sometimes on that last one!)

            I also Keep a lot of other stuff from the airlines:



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              I keep my luggage tags, my boarding pass, I take name tags and I take the inflight magazine. A nice souvenir!


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                I always take the inflight magazine. I have so many copies of Ansett's Panorama magazine it's not even funny.
                I'm slowly building up a collection of Virgin Blue's Voyuer magazine as well.

                We used to stick our tracker tags on the seats at Melbourne Airport's taxi rank, but I still have my ticket, tracker tags, baggage checks and boarding pass from my last flight with Ansett Australia in June 2001.
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                  I keep the luggage tag receipts....just in case the airline loses my bags!

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