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Getting items from "dead" airlines

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  • Getting items from "dead" airlines

    With all the recent bankruptcies/ airlines suspending ops, they must be throwing away all their safety cards/ luggage tags/ cocktail napkins/ magazines.

    How can I get these items from these "dead" airlines?


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    Work for the trash company thats disposing of it. I'm betting most employees if not all are locked out of the facilities. This way the stuff don't end up on eBay.

    My cousin works for a waste company, he gets in a lot of clothing from different retailers IE Vickie's Secret, Limited, Hollister, etc.. Stuff they no longer are selling, etc, Brand new stuff, most still in the plasitc shipping bags. Company rules prevent him from bringing home though.
    -Not an Airbus or Boeing guy here.
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      I remember that when Swissair went out of buisness they did a few sales where you could basically get everything. Really cheap prices, boxes of brand new safety cards, seats, etc... But it wasn't online. You had to go to Zurich and buy directly from them.


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        Ten years ago (or more) I purchased some Pan-Am headphones at a dollar store. They had hundreds of them...and I picked up a few. I think I still have them somewhere.

        If I can find them.....would you like me to ship them to you?