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  • Juulke
    ok, really cool game but how about the tokens?
    how do you get them but don't buy them?
    any one?

    thanks in advance!

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  • shaq
    fly-by-wire , you can use the wikipedia that have ... it is very useful.

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  • jazzyspreetsingh
    I have been playing ever since June, I have gotten pretty good at it...

    except sometimes I get bored while playing it, I kind of wish that they would make another version that is more true to life and harder, and sometimes I feel that the game can be too hard, lol

    i guess it's just

    but I enjoy it

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  • Fly_By_Wire
    I joined airline mogul and it is pretty good. But i can't get more than one plane. I have the one that i started with but i don't have enough oney to buy another and i can't work out how you are meant to lease planes.
    Can anyone help? It would be greatly appreaciated.

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  • shaq
    started a topic

    Hi everyone !!
    I am playing this airline management game since August.
    I like it a lot !!
    But I am not adict !!
    I invite you to the game , its very interesting .
    Currently I am in star alliance.
    Airline CODE: PMA
    Star Alliance.