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  • Your safety card and inflight magazine collection

    What is your collection like? Mine might not all be 100% since I don't have all my stuff here since some of it is still at my parents house.

    You can see the pictures of each of the issues of Inflights I have here:

    And the safety cards here

    Inflight Magazines:

    Air Berlin: 2
    Air Canada: 1
    Alaska: 2
    Alitalia: 1
    Aloha: 1
    American: 2
    ANA All Nippon: 1
    British Airways: 2
    Continental: 3
    Croatia: 1
    CSA Czech: 1
    Delta: Over 20
    Hawaiian: 1
    Horizon: 1
    JAL Japan Airlines: 1
    KLM: 2
    Korean Air: 1
    Lufthansa: 4
    Moscow Airports: 1
    Northwest: Over 60 inflight magazines
    Philippines: 2
    Royal Jordanian: 1
    Royal Nepal: 1
    SAS Scandanavian: 1
    South African: 1 + another on the way
    Singapore: 1
    Skybus: 1
    Skywest: Over 20
    Southwest: 5
    TWA Transworld: 1
    United: Over 26
    US Airways: 2
    Vietnam Airlines: 2
    Westjet: 2

    Safety Cards:
    Air Tran: 717, 737
    Air Wisconsin: BAe-146
    Alaska: 734, 737, 738/900, MD-80
    Aloha: 737-300
    American: ERJ-145, MD-80, 737, 757, 777, F100, MD-90
    British Airways: 737-300/500
    Braniff: BAC 1-11-200
    Cathay Pacific: 747-400
    Continental: ERJ, D93, 737-300/500, 767-400, More on the way
    Delta: CRJ-900, 737-800, MD-88/88 New, MD-90, 752/752 New, 762, 763, 764, L1011
    Frontier: A318/A319
    Gojet: CRJ-700
    Hawaiian: 717
    Iberia: A319, A340, 747
    Independence Air: A319, A319 OW, CRJ-200
    jetBlue: E190, A320
    KLM: F100, 737-400, 777-200
    Lynx Aviation: Q-400
    Lufthansa: 319, 320, 321, 300, 300I, 763, 332, 333, 342, 343, 346, 742, 744
    Maxjet: 762
    Mesa: B1900D, CRJ-100/200
    Mesaba: SF3, RJ-85
    Midway (original): 737-200
    Northwest: CR9, E175, D9-10old/new, D9-30/40/50old/new, A319, A320old/new, A320SR, 752 (5500)old/new, 752 (5600), 753 OW, DC-10-30, A330, 742 OLD, 744, 727 NBA Config, DC-9-80, CV-580, DC-10-40(Orient)
    Philippines: A343
    Pinnacle: CRJ-200
    Reno Air: MD-82/83/88
    Shuttle America: EMB-170
    Singapore Airlines: 744
    Skywest: CR2, CR7, CRJ-50
    Southwest: 737 Old, 737 New
    Sun Country: 737-700, 737-800
    TWA: L1011, 767
    United: 733, 735, 319, 320, 320OW, 757, 763 2 Cabin, 777OW, 744, 732, 727
    Virgin America: A320

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    Lufthansa 763? How'd you get one of those, did they print up safety cards for someone who did charters for them?


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      I got it from Lufthansa, it was from whenever they had them in the fleet under their colors a while back.


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        News to me! Upon searching the DB it seems they lease them now and then. How about that.


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          Originally posted by Crunk415balla View Post
          News to me! Upon searching the DB it seems they lease them now and then. How about that.
          LH used the B763 on two occasions so far. Back in the mid-1990ies LH and Condor swappend one B763 and B744 each. The Condor B744 in full DE-c/s was used on LH's flights to Taipei (back then no airline was allowed to operate both into Taiwan and mainland China at the same time, so they had to find a legal way around that). The other side of the deal was LH using a B763 in full LH-c/s on the routes from FRA to SYD and AKL (yes, once upon a time LH was actually flying from Germany to Down Under...). I think after about 6 months they reversed the trade and both aircraft returned to their real owners and c/s... Somewhere deep in my slide-collection I have some nice shots of both aircraft.

          And in 2003 LH used two Lauda Air-B763s (both painted in Star Alliance-s/c) on routes from MUC to Charlotte and Miami in the US. But as they were only used until LH's own A330 arrived, after one year both aircraft were gone again...

          So you see: LH really used B763s during the last couple of years.