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    Originally posted by Robert:

    No but they have them at the stores.


    I was at the airport when I realized its a PRO-93 not 83.



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      Re: Scanner

      Originally posted by aerpix
      I have been using an AR-108 for years, and am absolutely satisfied. It's small, light and handy, and my permanent companion on every visit to my airport. I do not know of any better set at this price.

      On my desk I use a Uniden Bearcat 9000XLT, which is a fantastic machine, but as mentioned, it is a desktop scanner.

      I would not like to exchange my AR-108 for any other handheld I have seen so far!

      Hallo Peter,
      do you think that the MAYCOM FR-100 is better than the AR-108 ?

      Thanks for your support


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        I am desperate but do not know the R-100. Generally, from what I have seen in handhelds, no one convinced me more than the AR-108. It is the only of its size I know of that you can listen to with and WITHOUT earpiece. All others in this size do not have speakers good enough to understand anything without an earpiece.



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          Prowd Owner of a Pro-95 scanner from Radio Shack....No real problems yet, I'm just having trouble learning how to use all of its functions :P

          there are so many!

          Good luck on your scanner!



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            I use an Icom IC-R2 with an earpiece as my handheld, and have been very pleased with it - it was a little pricy but has UHF as well as VHF capability, its very small and doesn't eat batteries for lunch.

            The main disadvantage is the rotary tuning knob, but if you program the frequencies for the field you're going to visit beforehand it's not such a drawback.



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              Has anyone used the Yupiteru 7100 scanner? I bought one several years ago and after getting excellent use out of it, it began to go. Sometimes it would just seem not to pick anything up at all, as if the antenna wasn't even connected, but strangely even with the squelch turned down, there was no noise. It was not the speaker that was broken because pressing the 'MONI' button would make background noise come out. The scanning mode also dropped from a lot of channels/sec to about 2 channels per sec. A few days later and it would work again.

              Annoyed with this, I went looking for a new scanner, and deciding that the 7100 was still the best on the market I bought another one. Now, it also is beginning to go, but this one is only about a year old. It can no longer pick up signals very well. I can be standing right next to an aircraft that is tramsmitting, but the signal is extremely weak when my friend's scanner is perfectly clear as it should be.

              Anyone with any ideas? or how I can maybe find Yupiteru and get it fixed? Thanks.
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                I use a Radio Shack Pro-82 and I'm quite happy with it. That model is discontinued and was replaced by the Pro-83 but can still be found online or at some stores for a close-out price under a hundred dollars. Quite a nice deal by comparison.