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    WHO HAS BEEN A AIR CADET!!?!?!?!?!?! I AM!!!! [img]clap.gif[/img] [img]clap.gif[/img] [img]clap.gif[/img] [img]nod.gif[/img] [img]nod.gif[/img]

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    Anyone in or has been in...

    Air Cadet,

    Congradulations !!! Air Cadets is a great oppportunity to see how the air force works and functions. It will also give you a good boost if you ever want to apply to become a military pilot or personell.

    Recently I was an air cadet in Australia which was known as AIRTC - Air Training corps, now it is known as AAFC - Australian Air Flying Corps.

    Unfortunately after two years of service I decided to give up after all the fun i had in it. I did this because I needed to put my head down and work hard If I am to fulfill my final dream of becoming an airline pilot via a FA18 or high performance jet pilot.

    M. Nicol ( Photographer...)
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      Anyone in or has been in...

      I was in air cadets for about 3 years.

      The problem wasn't air cadets, it was just my squadron. I got up to corporal, but by then everybody was a hypocrite and expected so much of you (and didn't want you to have any fun).

      Our squadron was even investigated by a nice Military Policeman, the squadron Commanding Officer falsified documents. We had all of our staff and Civilian Instructors sacked, and we had about 3 COs in a year.

      Then I left. Hoorah. I sure did have a great time at summer camp though, 5 weeks//2 summers of my life at CFB Trenton.


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        Anyone in or has been in...

        Air Cadets, ROTC, & Civil Air Patrol, are ALL worth while. One is not better than the others. They all have the same purpose. [img]images/smiles/icon_confused.gif[/img] Hoo-Rah!


        shamrock145hvy [img]clap.gif[/img] [img]clap.gif[/img] [img]clap.gif[/img] [img]clap.gif[/img] [img]clap.gif[/img]


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          Anyone in or has been in...

          Yes, great opportunity for kids and teenagers out there.


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            I was an Air Cadet years ago. Got my PPL and Glider license in the Air Cadets.
            Summer camps in Greenwood Nova Scotia were great. I remember the sound of the Argus with those radial engines, and the first year of the Aurora. Getting a ride in a Cessna L-19 glider tug. World War Two hangers to explore. Being around, in and involved with aircraft all day long for six weeks was a great thing.
            It was great fun, I'd recomend it to anyone.