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    Hey guys,
    I was watching again some of the amazing dvds which WAR has produced (I have quite a number and enjoy both the exotic scenery in the locations and the very good cockpit explainations) and some things kept bugging me.

    For instance, most of the films were shot about 7 or 8 years ago. This was before the high definition digital revolution and some of the filming does show its age.
    In interviews with CEOs, you can often hear phones ringing in the background (see the Cougar 727 for an excellent example of this! The office phone rings which is ignored, then the CEOs mobile rings and then the office rings again!)
    The FlyJet 757 dvd contains a VERY annoying piece of out of focus just before touchdown at Manchester and so the landing is not viewable.
    Ait Tahiti ATR dvd has no video of the pilots explianing the aircraft. I understand that in rural Tahiti the language is French or close enough, so why not record in French and give an option to subtitle it?

    All in all, these dvds are GREAT and I would highly recommend them.
    I just think that if JustPlanes and the WorldAirRoutes team finished off the final 10%, they would become even better.

    What are your thoughts?
    All the best
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