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    Hi ya’all,

    I was just cleaning my hard drive, when I found a couple shots that reminded me how I got started in Aviation Photography. Back in Sept 2002, I was on a flight from Las Palmas to Tenerife on Binter Canarias. But to my surprise, it was not a Binter Aircraft, it was a DAT ATR-72. I was carrying my company’s Sony PSC-7 camera and took a picture when we got out of the aircraft(pic).

    Since I didn’t have time to take a full view, I ran to my car and drove to a gate where you could see the whole aircraft and took another shot (pic). I was intrigued why was a Binter flight on a DAT aircraft, so I dug around in Internet and found out what a “Wet Leased” was all about. I enjoyed so much taking a picture of the airplane and finding more info about it, that I started to look for my own digital camera and in Dec 2002 bought a D100 (with crappy old lens, no more budget). Took my first “real” spotting pictures (first "real" pic), and the rest is “beginning history”.

    I was wondering how you all got started in Aviation Photography.

    Thanks for listening,


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    For me it was a "several-step" process of getting into aviation photography. I grew up in a place which was directly under the departure path of runway 28 at Zurich, at that time the main departure runway. When I was about 13 I became interested in all those noisy planes thundering across our house, and started to take binocs to see more of them.

    A while later I found out that each aircraft has a registration mark, and I started to log them in 1973. After a couple of years of collecting serials, a Lufthansa 747 crashed on take-off at Nairobi, and after reading its serial I realized that I had seen this particular aircraft at Zurich on a route proving flight, but I had no proof that I had seen it.

    This was the birth of the idea of getting photos of all the planes I saw. However, it was another two years or so until I got my first camera, and in March 1977 I started taking photos.

    Ever since this hobby has fascinated me, and I can not think of anything else as a better hobby than plane spotting and photographing.



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      I won't bore with a long story, so I'll keep it simple.

      I took my first photo with a Polariod SX-70 in the 1960's in San Diego. An air shot of an AA 707-123B landing on runway 27. I still have the photo.

      I look at it and laugh, as I remember how long ago it was, how far I have come to this day, and the places I have visited to get to "how far I've come to this day".

      I've also been collecting tail numbers of all the aircraft I have shot over the years, at all the places I've visited.

      Memories are everything, and that's what it's all about! Everything from the PSA L-1011 flying over my house, up to the last day I spent at the airport. It's all about memories.

      Remember the good times!

      Cheers! :P