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  • Need ATC Scanner - Help

    Hey guys,
    I'm looking to get a Scanner - really need it as it gets too hot these days to wait in the sun - and have no clue when is the aircraft you have been expecting coming in !

    So here is the deal -
    I'm a complete noob when it comes to Radios and scanners - I have a max budget of around 120$ ( Don't mind a slightly used one) - now what I saw was RadioShack and Uninden - but will all the technical terms like trunking and triple trunking and 1000 bans etc - got really confused.

    So can anyone recommed any scanner which you think can fit under the 150$ mark - I don't listening to police or marine or fire dept frequencies - so if those are covered it would be a bonus ! And yeah, if anything beyond that is also covered do let me know.

    Now I like 10 miles/17 kms away from the airport - I'm mostly going to be using this scanner from the 2nd floor- our tower at DEL is not very tall - but would be around 5-7 floors tall ! And no there are no tall buildings in the line of sight - now I was hoping I can catch the chatter from home - so that atleast I know if I missed something rare - or maybe rush if I get to know a little bit in advance.

    I don't mind buying an external antenna ( provided it is 20-40$ ) if I need to get the reception from my house itself.

    So do suggest the best possible solution you can think of.

    Thanks guys !

    PS : Will most likely get from ebay - so if you can give me links would be great.

    Air India Forever.

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    I recommend you a Uniden scanner, I think all memers of my spotting group use this brand and maybe even this is the most popular radio-scanner company for polish spotters.
    I use a Uniden BC92XLT for 2-3 years, it has wide range of frequencies, but it is/was quite expensive compared to other models. Maybe the best solution is Uniden BC30XLT. Very small and easy to use scanner, youshould be satisfied using this model.