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What is your most valuable Safety card?

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    Normally you should not take safety cards with you. But many people do so.


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      Since today, my most valuable safety card is a Sabena 737. Oh yes, I bought it, legally, from Sabena itself...
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        Мы летаем для Вас = We Fly For You ... the slogan of S7


        You might not believe this, but the RAF sends out VC-10 and L-1011 cards to anyone who might know the right office to contact. They sent me one lot, and then without asking sent another lot not long after that. Brize Norton is the office to contact.


        I have to add a new rare card here. An Il-96-300PU from GTK Rossiya. This is the Russian Presidential Aircraft. Call it Russian Air Force One if you will. Only the Russian President (at this stage it is Putin) flies on it. The company was kind enough to send me their whole fleet (including Il-18 and Tu-214) and I was amazed when I saw the Il-96-300PU in there.

        The General Air Yak-40 I mentioned in my last post just recently sold on eBay for US$334!!!!!

        Scans of these are on my website.
        Мы летаем для Вас


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          Thanks for that I will contact them.



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            Either the American 56-seat F100 (yes, they had separate safety cards for those a/c) card, an old (probably circa '86) USAir 737-200 card, or a Pan Am 747-100 safety card.

            And yes, I took them off the a/c. :P


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              These are my rarest

              Maldavian Air Taxi DHC-6
              Pan Am 747-100
              Transaero 737-200 (purple)
              Transaero 757-200 (unusual style)
              Transaero DC10
              Palair Macedonia Tu154
              Dan Air BAC 111 (1987)
              Piedmont 737 (1980s)
              Condor DC10
              Condor DC10-30
              Taag Angola 747-312
              American DC10 (1970s
              ASA (African Safari) DC10
              Samara Tu134
              Samara Tu154
              Saravia Yak42


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                I would have to say Continental Airlines L-1011, Key Air DC-10-10, Private Jet MD-87, Federal Express 747-100, and HeavyLift SC.5 Belfast are the rarest ones I have. I would have to go through a few boxes though to check.


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                  I never meant to be a "collector" but I took a flight aboard a Delta L1011 in 2000 and since I knew they would be extinct soon I saved one of the cards.

                  also last december I flew on a Delta 727, and again since I'm not the typical passenger who knows nothing about planes I knew what was coming for Delta's 727 fleet so I saved one of those too.

                  Oh how I wish I would have saved the United 727 card from 1996.......

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                    Most Valuable Safety Card....

                    I think PolishAir42 has forgotten his very rare LOT Polish Airlines DC8-62 Safety card that was given to him by a close friend for a birthday present.



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                      Mine would be a JAT DC-9-30 from 1980.