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The Aviation Artist: I draw Aviation Photography

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  • The Aviation Artist: I draw Aviation Photography

    Hello Aviation fans,

    I would like your feedback on a personal project I am working on.

    I am a keen aviation artist and I draw aviation photographs and present them as a time lapse.

    You can see my YouTube channel here : for weekly videos.

    I would love to hear what you guys think about it and hear about other ideas you may have.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

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    Love these videos. I'm glad to say that I have just become your 18th subscriber. You should draw an il 96.


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      Thank you for your valuable feedback. I plan to draw every plane out there eventually.
      I have noted the IL-96 down in my list, you should see it soon.

      Thank you


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        Hello Aviation Fans,

        Check out my new Drawing Time lapse Video of the Boeing 737 Max 8 (Air Canada)

        Thank You, hope you like it.


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          British Airways Boeing 747 Timelapse

          Hello Jet photos community,

          Check out my newest drawing time lapse video on the British Airways Boeing 747-426.
          Consider SUBSCRIBING, LIKING and SHARING to other potential interested users out there.

          Thank You, I hope you enjoy it


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            New Video on my first Aircraft livery speed drawing

            Hello Aviation enthusiasts,

            I am pleased to say that I just completed my first aviation livery video on the Boeing 757 (Condor Airlines)

            Please LIKE, SHARE or SUBSCRIBE to my channel for more weekly videos. I am also welcome to completely new ideas.

            Thank You.


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              Well done on these arts, Great to see more aviation artist on the internet!


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                I am glad that you like the videos. I will do my best to upload new videos every one and half weeks.
                You could subscribe to my You Tube channel to get up to date notifications of new videos.

                Thank You for the positive feedback


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                  You're welcome, I myself also love to draw planes, some of my drawings are also on YouTube as well.


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                    Please do share the link of your youtube channel with me.


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                      Singapore Airlines Airbus A350 Drawing time lapse

                      Hello aviation fans,

                      I uploaded a brand new drawing timelapse video of the Singapore Airlines A350-900. Hope you like it.

                      Please consider SHARING, LIKING and SUBSCRIBING to my channel. Also comment for ideas and what you would like to see more of.


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                        Good work with that Singapore Airlines A350.

                        And here's link of my Youtube channel:



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                          These drawing are amazing, keep up the good work. Just became your subscriber


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                            Thank you very much, i'm glad you enjoy my works.

                            Someday I might continue making realistic aircraft drawing again, but I don't really have the time for it.


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                              New Video: Boeing 787 Dreamliner (Air New Zealand)

                              Hello fans,

                              Things have been busy lately but I managed to finally complete another video.

                              Please consider SHARING, LIKING and SUBSCRIBING to my channel. Also comment for ideas and what you would like to see more of.