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    airport tycoon 1 reminds me of good old days when i used to play it every day

    great fun watching the aircrafts taking days and weeks to get to the taxiway concorde-kind of stuff came as well, won loads of awards and number 1 in the world


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      I've played Airpro 2000 numerous times, and really enjoy that simulation, unfortunately though I am ready to uninstall the program since the files will not convert over to.sav files from .alf's....(in other words, spend 8 to 9 hours going through a decade or so, and not being able to continue after you've supposedly saved the data!) After that happened twice,no more.

      Does anyone know the other airline simulation game (it's entirely written in german language though). I lost the link to that game and was going to try that game.


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        I've never found a airline/manager sim that is worth buying. If somone makes one....let me know.


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          Originally posted by u2o
          airport tycoon 1 reminds me of good old days when i used to play it every day.
          There used to be a game called something like "Airline Tycoon." Instead of running an airport (as in Airport Tycoon), you would manage an airline. It started in like 1946 with three DC-3's and three airports with landing rights. You would have to expierment with getting the right mix of 1st Class, Coach, and Cargo to maximize your money. As you progressed through the years with profits, you negotiated for landing rights at new airports, as well as new aircraft.

          I haven't seen it is years and don't even remember who published it.


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            Aerobiz Supersonic for the SNES?


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              Police catch robbers in real life?
              Some people in today's society are so thick!