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    I am working on a Thomas Cook A320 (1:144) but can't get the fuselage paint right! I tried painting it with a brush but it made lots of tiny bubbles in the paint. I then tried using thicker coats, and it came out blobby. I got an aerosol but still can't get a smooth finish. What do I do?

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    i thought you didnt like A320s
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      I didn't.


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        Polish it. You can get an LMG polishing kit from a hobby shop for about $20. It takes a lot of time and is a complete pain in the rear, but the results can be awesome. Just make sure you don't burn through the paint while doing it, and stay away from edges where the paint is thinner.

        Also, don't use the brushes anymore for large areas. Use cans with clean nozzles that won't splatter, and hit it with the polishing kit.

        Another way that I like better is to use water soluable paints through an airbrush. I can't remember the name, but there is a paint out there that dries as a film and does not need buffing. If you can find it, use Novus polish on it. You can get that polish from glass stores usually. You'll need all 3 types of the polish. Start with #3, do it again with #2, then clean it up with #1.
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