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A huge step for mankind.....well, me anyway !

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  • A huge step for mankind.....well, me anyway !

    Today, for the first ever, I used an airbrush. My only comment is......Why the hell didn’t I do it sooner ?

    I bought a Gocheer Airbrush Set via Amazon for 62.99. I have Prime membership so, less than 12hrs after placing the order it was delivered. The set comes with all that you need including ........
    .2mm, .3mm, and .5mm nozzles and the attendant needle sizes....
    -cleaning brushes,
    -nozzle cleaning needle.
    -mini compressor,
    -airbrush body (good quality chromed metal)
    -paint and thinners dropper marked in .5ml, 1ml and 1.5ml steps
    -air filter attachment which looks like it has a moisture filter built in.

    All in all, a very good quality set.
    Now, I am a total novice with airbrushing and the one thing that the set doesn’t have is any detailed usage instructions. Oh well, that’s why God invented YouTube. A couple of videos later and I was up and running. Smooth spraying with minimal paint useage. Welcome to the world of blended camouflage colours, even paint coating and much reduced paint consumption.
    I am a happy bunny.
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