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German Navy Revell Westland Lynx special scheme.

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  • German Navy Revell Westland Lynx special scheme.

    This was just about the most complex 1:32nd scale model I have ever made. Brush painted as my new airbrush had not been ordered at the time and homemade missile mounts due to my arthritic hand shakes damaging the fine strut mouldings. All in all though I am quite pleased with it.It took just over 6 weeks to build with plenty of time allowed for adhesive setting especially for the main rotor assembly. If you are going to build helicopter models I strongly advise that you leave the adhesive to dry and set over 3 days. I also assembled the rotor parts unpainted to ensure proper plastic to plastic adhesion. For the first time ever I wound up with a well built rotor dial that has taken on just the right amount of rotor droop.

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