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Happy Crash Landings To You!

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  • Happy Crash Landings To You!

    Hey all!

    A few days ago, I was flying my custom, home built R/C aircraft, and as I was coming in for a landing, I guess I caught a little bit too much crosswind, and just as I was lowering speed, the plane blew off course TOTALLY, and the wind made it bank so hard that it literally CARTWHEELED after impacting the ground. It slammed the ground after I attempted to re-gain control by full throttling it.

    Total damage:

    >Clipped wings (one broken in HALF)
    >Broken tail
    >Ruined servo/reciever system
    >Entire fuselage ripped in half

    But guess what: the two engines on it werent even broken! I used two "turbo" FAN engines, so they just got a little scratched. I made a foam casing for them before putting them on the wing, and they work perfect!

    My question to everyone is: what is the worst crash landing you have ever had? It doesnt have to be you, but you need to have been there when it happened!

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    Damn, that sucks....Total repair cost??
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      Repair cost? Yeah....RIGHT! I decided that since the model was getting a little old, I decided to salvage what I could, and I am currently working on a new one. A better one. I am thinking abut integrating small emergency wheels on the wings, so if something like this happens, the wheels MIGHT help.


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        Just found these photos on the internet. This is what my model plane looked like before it was destroyed. Mine, although, was in a jetBlue livery, and very slightly smaller (inches)

        To all that have sarcastic remarks: don't bother.


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          Happy Crash Landings To You!

          Screw the sarcastic remarks, I want that US A330 .



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            Re: Happy Crash Landings To You!

            Originally posted by DAL767-400ER
            I want that US A330 .
            Damn straight


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              Do you have any pictures of your plane?

              With your credibility, everything is a little hard to believe now.
              Will F.
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                Well, actually, I do.

                I understand the issues w/ my credibility, etc.

                I will post MY pictures on here as soon as my desktop gets back from the shop. I am using my new HP Pavillion notebook, and a lot of my pictures aren't uploaded on to it right now.

                But I will post my pics on here ASAP.

                Those pictures were just an example of roughly what my R/C aircraft looked like. Before it died. And went to heaven.

                Goddamned crosswinds blew it to the ground. Good gosh.


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                  How much does that thing cost!!!????!!!
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                    You can get one full livery, engines, servos, recievers/remote control, and everything included for about $800 +/-.

                    I got the kit so I could print out + apply my own livery to the A/C. It came with servos, remote, engines and landing gear (retractable!) recievers, etc and I paid $750 and change.

                    It's worth the money, though. They're huge (as you can see). Mine was *roughly* 14 feet long + a few inches.

                    People always tell me that they "must be hard to control" yet they are almost like regular r/c aircraft, as far as control. They're easy. The only downsides are that they're heavy, and since they're so big, they require special care as far as takeoff and landing.

                    Mine was always a head-turner.


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                      hmmmm i am going to seriously think abt getting that... Post ur a/c photos up asap...What kind of engines do they use.
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                        I will, but my computer is in the shop. I will do my best, though.

                        The engines can vary.


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                          What is the site to get info about this stuff?


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                            What is the site to get info about this stuff?

                            Whuddaya mean?

                            I got the pix from

                            just to give as an example.

                            If you're looking to buy one, search for it on your local hobby store's website.


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                              Whats the name of the company that made the one that you say you have?