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length of :400 and :500 scale

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  • length of :400 and :500 scale

    I don’t feel like doing the math, so can someone measure for me?
    1/400 – a/c type and length
    1/500 – a/c type and length
    Would be great if someone had the same a/c type in each scale.

    I'm looking for anything and everything Air 21 related

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    747-400 is 231 ft 10 inches. Which is 2782 inches long so:

    1/400 scale: 6.955 inches
    1/500 scale: 5.564 inches

    1/500 sucks and the detail sucks, not to mention they are not worth "Collecting" as many if not all have no tail numbers and have several mistakes. I had a 1/500 and got rid of it.


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      it might be true what you are saying, ChrisB, but also un DW 1¤400 have some defects....

      like those in my collection,
      KAL 773 /port engine is pointing upwards/way off line !
      SAS 333X/ there's a center main wheels?? 2 of them, ???

      ok, im unlcky enough to get those items ...
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        thanks for the detailed measurements burns.

        here is a helpful site...

        I'm looking for anything and everything Air 21 related