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    What is required to start a model manufacturing company? considering one spends on aircraft models to collect them, why are they offered mainly in the small 1:400 scale, why not larger so they'll have better and more accurate details and eliminate uneccessary flaws associated with small models and make them true collectibles.

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    Well a lot of money $20,000 + for one mold, on top of 6 months to a year. A lot of advertising etc.

    They offer 1:200, which the only better detail is the wheels, everything else is just about the same, and if you have not seen the price of them, then when you do you will know.

    Also, its a little bit harder to make a model airport in 1:200 scale unless you have a rather large space.


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      1/200 could be fine if focusing in otherwise "small" planes which are difficult to detail in 1/400 and smaller. On that latter scale, a 707 or a DC.8 does not look very pretty in my opinion, and let alone a DC.4 or a Caravelle But some, mostly based in the UK starting with Western, are already filling this niche. Well should you could offer the same quality as Western at (at least) half the price you may capture some of the market.
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