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help with painting body of aircraft.

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  • help with painting body of aircraft.

    Hi, sorry to bother you fine gentlemen once again, but I have a issue regarding painting. .

    With painting the body, it's one of those make or break things, so i wanna get it right first time!

    According to the image AS-5 goes on the lower half of the aircraft. XF-58 is the cammo dots. XF-59:3 + XF-64:1 is the upper half of the aircraft.

    How do I best blend AS-5 & XF-59:3 + XF-64:1 togeather when they meet up, approx half way down the side of the aircraft? In other words there is not spose to be a defining line between the 2 colours, how do i avoid having a "defining line"

    Finally would the best way of making the cammo dots be to use the side of my brush, and draw shapes like in the image?

    thanks for reading and hopefully helping me, I love you guys!

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    Unfortunately you need an airbrush to really get the sort of feathered demarcation line you're after. One thing you can try is to use a stiff pointed brush -- stiff as in not thoroughly cleaned from old paint! Just dip the point in the topside paint, get rid of most of the paint, and do the border with the brush almost dry. That should creat a fairly soft line without having the bristles travelling all over the place and spreading paint where you don't want it to go. Then paint in the area above the boundary line in the normal way. Might be a good idea to experiment with this before trying it on the model.

    As for the mottled pattern (dark green, I presume), I believe this too should be feathered rather than hard-edged. In reality it was sprayed on freehand. Take a brush, snip off much of the length of the bristles, and stipple the colour on by dabbing downwards rather than in sideways strokes. Again don't load the brush heavily with paint when you do this -- it should be almost dry.

    Good luck. By the way, have you had a look at modelling websites such as and ? You can learn a lot there.


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      thanks for that advice kukkudrill. If it turns out any good i'll post a pic of it, and you can say "well i had a part to play in that model"



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        I have made a few 109s in the past, including this one. The blue is RLM78, the yellow RLM79 and the green RLM80. You would be better off going to the hobby shop and buying paints with these descriptions as they are a better match than the Tamiya mixes. Many paint manufacturers make these colours. As for the camouflage, the yellow was factory/depot applied and had a sharp demarcation (i.e. can be masked). The green dots were applied in the field to help break up the yellow. As Charles said, the best way to apply Luftwaffe camouflage is with an airbrush.

        Bf109E-7 Black 8

        Bf109G-2/Trop Gunther von Maltzahn

        Bf109G-6/R-6/Trop Gunther von Maltzahn

        Bf109K-4 Black 16


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          Mess, if you haven't painted the model, my father suggests you check out - also, he suggests you become a member of as they have a lot of articles (also some about the 109) and you can also check out (you don't need to become a member there to check their articles).

          I haven't checked these links but my dad does a lot of scale modelling (mainly tanks, but he did a lot of planes in his earlier days) so he should be able to find some interesting links!

          The best of luck!


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            Finescale is also an excellent magazine, though Tamiya Magazine tops it.