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  • Models and Insurance..

    I was wondering how many of you had insurance on your homes, and if you included your models in that policy? At 20$ to 50$ a model, I figured it might be a good idea to add mine in just incase. Fire or theft (I can't really see someone stealing diecast aircraft models though) could really suck, especially with some that can't be replaced.

    I take pictures of all the models, with the packaging and any accessories(GSE or such) it may have come with and a scan of the receipt...Just incase!

    On some other forums, some people have THOUSANDS of models, that's alot of cash.

    Anyone else do that? Or am I paranoid?

    * Would this be considered off topic? If so, sorry!

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    i have my camera as a rider on my house insurance and it was only $35 a year so im sure your models shouldn't cost much.
    For the amount you pay for the insurance, its worth the peace of mind for anything YOU put value on


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      Also make sure that you make a backup copy in Word/Excel with a list of each aircraft. Then burn a few copies to cds and put them at places.(ie: your parents or friends house or at you work)


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        I never thought of a list. I'll have to make one, maybe a list with the pictures included as well. I ahve the pictures on 2 discs, one here and one in storage. I've been thinking abour a firebox for important documents.


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          Yea a firebox would be good idea. I should get one!


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            Originally posted by c0ex
            Yea a firebox would be good idea. I should get one!
            They've gotten pretty cheap over the past year or so too, might as well!