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    I don't usually post in these bits of the forums but I have a question for the "experts"

    I've been looking for a model of a Dash 8 for some time now. I can't seem to find one, particularly a BA one. Can anyone help here?

    I've also been asked by one of the ladies in our Technical Library if I know where I can get one, so now I really have to find one!

    BTW, I don't want to be paying an arm and a leg !


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    What scale are you looking for? Herpa has a couple 1:500 and there's also some 1:250(or 200?) from other manufacturers.

    I've been hoping for some 1:400 Dash8 action for a long time now.

    I'd LOVE a set of Air Canada Jazz Dash8's in all four colours + Jazz in AC colours + AC.

    Not to mention a US Airways Dash8. I think they look pretty slick in those colours. has a database with models listed, you can see the Dash8's here.


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      Thanks Genessee,

      Couldn't find a BACX one there, so I might have to settle for a different user. But I'll keep searching for a while.

      Thanks again for your help



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        Check around some local shops, some will do custom paint schemes for you.


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          Here at the office (Air Cda System Operations Control) we have an Air Ontario Dash 8 with the green tail. I think it came from the shop on Carlingview Dr in YYZ.


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            Cool, I've seen one of those too I think. There's also a spiffy looking Georgian 1900D. I don't have much space for the larger models though now. I'll just have to wait for someone to do a 1:400. *checks watch and taps foot*


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              I have the following in 1:500
              Us Airways Express
              Horizon Airlines(AS express airline for those who dont kno)


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                I've seen those 1:500 ones around, they are quite nice. Too bad they aren't 1:400.