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  • Jerrycobra Boeing
    thats a big one, lol

    i just did a search, the planes i had was a schabak 777 and 747, in 1:600, bought in a united fiight as i said earlyer, man, i wish i knew better as a kid, i used to play with them kinda hard, its got missing wheels, chipped paint and one with a broken wing tip taped on


    crunk415balla has the 777 also, but i have the 747-400, not 200

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  • chrisburns
    Aero California DC-9-30
    Northwest DC-9-10
    Northwest 747-200 NC
    Northwest 747-200F NC
    Northwest DC-9-50 Experimental White
    Northwest DC-9-50 Experimental Red
    Playboy DC-9-30
    SAS Sud Caravelle
    Varig 747-400 OC

    Big Bird
    Continental 747-100
    Northwest 747-200F Orient
    Zoom 767-300 City of Ottawa

    Aerolineas Argentinas 747-200 Pentacanopeon
    Air Atlanta 747-200 Athens 2004
    Air Canada A320 Childrens Miracle Netowrk
    Air Canada A319 Canada loves New York
    Air Canada 767-300 NC
    Air Canada A340-300
    Air Canada A340-300 NC
    Air Canada A340-300 Star Alliance
    Air Canada 767-300 Spriit of Canada
    Air China A340-300
    Air Pacific 747-400 Fiji
    Air Tahiti Nui A340-300
    Alaska 737-400
    Alitalia 747-200 Baci
    American MD-83 Ex. Reno Air
    American 737-800 Polished
    American 737-800 Retro
    American L-188
    American MD-11
    American 777-200 Taipei to San Jose
    Ansett Australia 747-400
    Austrian 777-200 Mozart 2006
    Boeing 737-700 Dreamliner
    Boeing 737-800 Dreamliner
    Boeing 737-900 Dreamliner
    Boeing 777-200 LR Zheng He
    Boeing 777-300 Worldliner
    Canadian DC-10-30 Canadian Spirit
    Carnival A300
    China Eastern MD-11F
    China Southern 772
    Concorde House
    Continental 720B
    CP Air 747-200
    Delta 737-800 Ron Allen
    Delta 737-200 Express Power puff
    Delta 777-200 NC
    Delta MD-11 Ron Allen
    Delta 767-400 Ron Allen
    Delta 767-200 Ron Allen
    Eastern L1011
    Edelweiss A320
    Emirates 777-300
    Emirates A340-500 Dubai Shopping
    FedEx A310 Ashley
    FedEx DC-10-10 OC
    FedEx 747-200F OC
    FedEx A380
    Flying Tigers 747-200F
    Frontier 737-300 Fox Pups
    Frontier A319 Hummingbird
    Frontier 737-300 Cougar
    Frontier A319 Seal
    Gemini Air Cargo DC-10-30F
    Hawaiian 717-200 Akapa
    Japan Government 747-400
    Korean Air 747-400
    Korean Air A380
    Korean Air 777-200 Asian Games
    Lan Chile 767-300F
    Lufthansa DC-10-30 OOC
    Lufthansa A340-300 New York 2000
    Lufthansa 767-300 Star Alliance
    Malaysia 747-400 Hibiscus
    Martinair MD-11F
    New York Air 737-300
    North American 737-800
    North American 757-200 Bush/Cheney 2000
    Northwest MD-82
    Northwest 377 Stratocruiser
    Northwest 720B
    Northwest L-1049 Connie
    Northwest L-188 Electra
    Northwest 747-200F NC
    Northwest 747-200F Investing in Pacific Trade
    Northwest 747-400 Alliance Spirit
    Northwest 747-400 City of Shanghai
    Northwest A330-300
    Northwest 747-400 City of Detroit
    Northwest 747-400 NC
    Northwest 747-200 NC
    Northwest DC-10-30 KLM/NW Hybrid
    Northwest DC-10-30 OC
    Northwest 757-300 NC
    Orient Thai 747-300
    Pan Am Concorde
    Pan Am 707-320 Clipper Ann McKim
    People Express 747-200 Bob Hope
    Qantas 747-400
    Qantas A380
    Qatar Airways A380
    Reno Air MD-83 Gulf Coast Flyer
    SAS MD-82 Star Alliance
    SAS A330-300
    Singapore Airlines Concorde
    Singapore Airlines A340-500
    Singapore Airlines 747-400F
    Singapore Airlines 747-400 Star Alliance
    Singapore Airlines 777-300
    Singapore Airlines 747-200 California Here We Come
    Singapore Airlines 777-200
    Swiss A320
    Swissair A320 Qualifyer
    Swissair MD-81 Servus Wein
    TAM A330-200 Magic Red Carpet
    TAP Portugal A319 Euro Cup 2004
    TED A320
    Thai Airways A340-600 NC
    Thai Airways A330-300
    Thai Airways 747-400 Apec 2003
    TWA L-049 Connie
    TWA 717-200 American/TWA hybrid
    TWA 767-200 New Colors
    USAF VC-137 "The Flying White house"
    USAF 747-200 Air Force One
    USAF 757-200 Air Force Two
    United A320 OC
    United 737-300 Shuttle
    United 767-300 New Colors
    United 767-300 Old Star Alliance Colors
    United DC-10-10 Friendship livery
    United 727-22 OOC
    United 377 Stratocruiser
    United 720B
    United 777-200 NC
    United 767-300 OC
    United 767-200 OOC
    United 767-300 OOC
    United 727-200 OOC
    United 747-400 NC
    United 747-400 OC
    United 777-200 OC
    US Airways A330-300 OC
    Varig Brazil 777-200 75th Anniversary
    Virgin Atlantic A340-300 Operation Seagull/ No Way BA/AA
    Western DC-10-10
    Westjet 737-700
    World MD-11

    Gemini Jets
    Aeroflot TU-154M
    Aeromexico 757-200
    Aeromexico 787-8 NC
    Air Canada A320 Toronto Raptors
    Air Florida 737-200
    Air France Concorde F-BVFA
    Air France Concorde F-BVFF
    Air France 777-200
    Air France A380
    Air India 777-200
    Air New Zealand 747-400
    Air Tran 737-700
    Alaska 737-400 Tinkerbell
    Alaska 737-800
    Alaska 737-400 Disneyland
    Alaska 737-400 Salmon 3 Salmon
    Alaska 737-700WG
    Alaska 737-800WG
    Alitalia 777-200
    Allegiant MD-83
    Aloha 737-200 Flowers
    America West 737-200
    America West 757-200 Arizona
    America West A319
    America West 757-200 Arizona Cardinals
    America West 757-200 Ohio
    America West A320 (X2)
    America West 757-200 Phoenix Suns
    America West 757-200 Arizona Diamondbacks
    America West 737-200 OC
    America West CRJ-200
    America West CRJ-900
    American 767-300
    American 777-200
    American CRJ-700
    Antonov Airlines AN-124
    ATA 757-200 25th Anniversary
    ATA 737-800
    Australian 767-300
    BMI British Midland A330-200
    Boeing 777-200LR
    Braniff 727-200 Blue
    Braniff 727-200 Red
    British Airways Concorde
    British Airways 777-200
    British Airways 747-400 Wanala Dreaming
    British Airways 747-400 Nalanji Dreaming
    Cathay Pacific 747-400 Hong Kong Asia's World City
    Continental 787-8
    Continental 737-800
    Continental ERJ-145
    Continental 777-200 Peter Max
    CSA Czech IL-62M OK Jet
    CSA Czech A310
    Delta 737-200 Widget
    Delta 757-200 Ron Allen
    Delta 757-200 Salt Lake 2002
    Delta 757-200 Song
    Delta 737-300
    Delta 777-200 Salt Lake 2002
    Delta 767-200 Spirit of Delta 75 Years livery
    Delta ERJ-145 "800th ERJ"
    Easyjet A319
    FedEx 727-200
    Gulf Air A340-300 Anniversary
    Hawaiian 767-300
    Hooters Air 757-200
    Hooters Air 737-300
    Horizon Q400
    Horizon Q400 25th Anniversary
    Icelandair 757-300
    Independence Air A319 (X6)
    JAL 747-400 OC
    jetBlue A320 Blue Yorker
    jetBlue A320 Song Sung Blue
    jetBlue A320 I got Blue Babe
    Kenya Airways 777-200 OC
    KLM A330-200 NC
    KLM 777-200 NC
    KLM MD-11 OC Audrey Hepburn
    Korean Air 787-8
    Lufthansa A321 Retro
    Lufthansa A380
    National DC-10-30 Marienne
    Northwest DC-8-32
    Northwest 787-8
    Northwest DC-10-30 NC
    Northwest 757-200 OC
    Northwest 727-200 OC
    Northwest 747-400 NC
    Northwest 757-300 NC
    Northwest 747-400 Worldplane
    Northwest DC-9-30 OC
    Northwest A330-200
    Northwest RJ-85 NC
    Northwest RJ-85 OC
    Northwest CRJ-200 NC
    Pakistan International 777-200 NC
    Piedmont 737-200
    Qantas 767-300 Socceroos
    Ryanair 737-800
    Southwest 737-300 California One
    Southwest 737-500 Shamu One
    Southwest 737-500 OC
    Southwest 737-700 New Mexico One
    Southwest 737-700 NC
    Sun Country DC-10-15 OC
    Sun Country 737-800
    Swiss RJ-85
    Swiss A319
    TACA A319
    Tower Air 747-200
    TWA 767-300
    United 737-300 NC
    United 757-200 NC
    United 777-200 NC
    United 747-SP OOC Friendship 1
    United CRJ-200 NC
    United ERJ-145 NC
    UPS 757-200 NC
    US Airways A330-300
    US Airways A320 NC
    US Airways 767-200
    US Airways 757-200
    US Airways 737-300
    US Airways CRJ-900 NC
    US Airways ERJ-145 OC
    US Airways A319 PSA Retro
    US Airways CRJ-200 NC
    Varig MD-11 Worldcup
    Vietnam Airlines 777-200 NC
    Virgin Atlantic 747-400 Love At First Flight
    World Airways MD-11 Retro

    Alaska MD-83 Sunglasses
    Alaska MD-83 OC
    Boeing 747-400 First Flight
    Braniff A320 Blue
    Braniff 747-100 Big Blueberry
    Braniff 747-100 Big Raspberry
    Braniff 747-100 Big Apple
    Braniff 747-100 Big Orange
    Braniff Concorde Lt. Blue
    Braniff Concorde Red
    Braniff Concorde Green
    Braniff Concorde Orange
    Continental MD-82 Red Meatball
    Continental MD-82 Black Meatball
    Eva Airways 747-400F
    Eva Airways 747-400
    Saudi Arabian MD-11 Royal Flight
    Saudi Arabian 777-200

    SkyEurope 737-500 Adrianna

    Seattle Model Aircraft
    Aloha 737-200 NC
    Midwest DC-9-30 OC
    Northwest DC-9-30 OC
    Northwest DC-9-40 OC
    Northwest DC-9-50 OC

    American ERJ-145

    On Order/En Route
    Qantas 747-400 Wanala
    Singapore Airlines 787-800
    Coca-Cola MD-11
    US Airways A330-300 NC
    Maxjet 767-200
    ANA 787-8 Gold
    ANA 787-8 Regular
    Japan Airlines 787-8 NC
    China Southern 787-8
    Air Canada 787-8
    Malaysia 777-200 Freedom is space.

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  • Crunk415balla
    Gemini's are GREAT. My favorite 1/400s, amazing detail, and much more sturdy than Herpa and Dragon.

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  • Jerrycobra Boeing
    i have some old stuff, a united 777 and 747, my mom bought it for me when i was 6, in flight, not sure their size, or who made em, a matchbox dc-10, and a vc-25 from reagan library

    are geminis good?

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  • Three Forty
    Hello, here is my 1/400 collection :

    Aer Lingus A330-200 EI-LAX
    Air Caraïbes A330-200 F-OPTP
    Air Namibia 747SP ZS-SPC
    Air Tahiti Nui A340-300 F-OJTN
    Airbus A340-600 F-WWCA o/c
    Alitalia 777-200 I-DISA
    Antonov Airlines An-124 UR-82027
    ATA Tristar N197AT
    Australian 767-300 VH-OGJ
    bmi A330-200 G-WWBM
    BWIA A340-300 9Y-TJN
    Corsair 747-300 F-GSEA
    Corsair 747-300 F-GSEX
    Corsair 747-300 F-GSUN
    Delta Air Lines MD-11 N813DE n/c
    Gulf Air A340-300 A4O-LD 50 years
    Iran Air 747SP EP-IAA
    jmc Air DC-10 G-LYON
    Kenya Airways 777-200 5Y-KQA o/c
    Korean Air 747SP HL7456
    Northwest DC-10 N237NW Northwest/KLM c/s
    Qantas A330-200 VH-EBA
    Qatar Airways A330-200 A7-ACB
    Royal Jordanian Tristar JY-AGA
    Saudi Arabian Tristar HZ-AHO n/c
    Sun Country DC-10 N154SY o/c
    TWA 747SP N57202 o/c
    United Airlines 747-400 N197UA o/c
    United Airlines 747SP N145UA o/o/c, "Friendship One"
    United Airlines 747SP N145UA o/c
    US Air Force 757-200 C-32A 98-0001

    Aerolineas Argentinas 747-200 LV-OOZ "Pentacampeon 2003"
    Air Jamaica A340-300 6Y-JMM
    Air Pacific 747-400 DQ-FJL "Fiji"
    Airbus A300-600ST F-GSTC o/c, "Eurocopter"
    Airbus A300-600ST F-GSTF n/c, n° 5
    Airbus A330-300 n/c
    Airbus A340-300 F-WWAI o/c, Trent 900 test bed
    Airbus A340-600 n/c
    Airbus A380-800 n/c
    Airbus A380-800 o/c
    Alitalia 747-200 I-DEMF "Baci"
    BAC/Aerospatiale Concorde G-AXDN english proto
    Boeing 777-200LR N6066Z
    Continental Airlines/Alitalia DC-10
    Edelweiss Airlines A330-200 HB-IQZ
    Eva Air 747-400 n/c
    Finnair MD-11 o/o/c
    Gulf Air A330-200 A4O-KE n/c
    Gulf Air A330-200 A4O-KF 50 years
    Gulf Traveller 767-300 A4O-GZ
    Iberia A340-600 EC-IOB
    Japan Air Self-Defence Force 747-400 20-1101
    Japan Air Self-Defence Force 767-200 AWACS
    Korean Air A330-300 "2002 FIFA World Cup Korea Japan"
    Korean Air A380-800
    Korean Air 777-300 "Official Airline of 2002 Asian Games"
    Lan Chile Cargo 767-300F o/c
    Lufthansa A380-800
    NASA 747-100 + Enterprise N905NA Shuttle Carrier Aircraft, American AL c/s
    Orient Thai Airlines 747-300 HS-UTK "One-Two-Go"
    Qantas A380-800 VH-OQA
    Qatar Airways A330-200 A7-ACG "Doha 2006" blue
    Qatar Airways A330-300 A7-AED "Doha 2006" orange
    Qatar Airways A330-300 A7-AEG "Doha 2006" red
    Qatar Airways A340-500 F-WWTQ Amiri Flight o/c
    Qatar Airways A380-800 o/c
    Royal Jordanian A340-200 F-OHLQ n/c
    SAS A330-300 primer c/s, Star Alliance tail
    Singapore Airlines A340-500 "Leadership" old titles
    Singapore Airlines A380-800 old titles
    TAAG Angola Airlines 747-300 D2-TEA
    Thai Airways A340-600 HS-TNA n/c
    Thai Airways MD-11 o/c
    United Airlines 747-400 N196UA n/c
    United Airlines 767-300 "Star Alliance" 1st livery
    United Airlines DC-10F "Worldwide Cargo", o/c
    US Air Force 747-200 E-4B National Airborne Operations Center
    US Air Force 747-200 VC-25A Air Force One
    US Air Force KC-10 83-0077 "Great White"
    US Air Force KC-10 + B-2 refuelling position
    US Air Force C-5B Galaxy 87-0042
    US Airways A330-300 o/c
    Varig DC-10 PP-VMB n/c, old titles

    Austrian A340-300 OE-LAL «*Wiener Philharmoniker*»
    DHL 757-200 G-BIKM n/c
    JAL 777-300ER JA732J n/c

    Dream Jets

    Continental Airlines 777-200 N77014 "New York City 2000"

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  • Crunk415balla
    Gemini made the RJ85?!

    Hot Diggity Damn! I had better jump on it!

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  • chrisburns
    I just added:

    Air France A380
    NW RJ-85 Bowling Shoe
    NW RJ-85 NC

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  • DeltaRules
    All GeminiJets:
    DL Connection/Comair CRJ-100 N716CA
    US Airways Express CRJ N411ZW
    US Airways (PSA heritage) A319 N742PS
    US Airways 767-200 N656US
    US Airways A330 N672UW


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  • NWA 757 351
    Updated 1:400 List as of 10/07:

    Dragon Wings:

    United A319-131 (N801UA)
    United 777-200 (N772UA) ^^
    United 767-300 (N665UA) ^^
    JAL Cargo 747-200F (JA8180)
    Lufthansa A340-600
    Lufthansa 747-430 (D-ABVF)
    Northwest L-188 Electra (N130US)
    Pan American 727-100 (N319PA)
    TWA 717 Hybrid Colors (N2417F)
    Delta 767-432ER Interim Colors (N826MH)

    Gemini Jets:

    Air New Zealand 747-400 (ZK-NBT)
    Alaska 737-290C (N730AS)*
    ATA L-1011 (N197AT)
    American CV-990 (N5618 )
    Continental 757-224 (N17128 )
    Continental Express ERJ-145 (N12552)
    KLM DC10-30 (PH-DTA)*
    Northwest Orient DC8-30 (N804US)
    Northwest 757-251 (N548US)
    " 757-351 (N583NW)
    Republic 727-200 (N721RC)*
    Sabena A320 (OO-SNE)*
    USAirways 757-200 (N633AU)

    Eva Air Cargo MD-11 (N105EV)

    Interflug TU-154 (DDR-SFA)

    Northwest DC9-32
    " DC9-41
    " DC9-51 (N401EA)

    *= Retired from "Active Service" to my "Mojave" Display.
    ^^= I should be receiving these planes within the next two weeks.

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  • Genessee
    Fairly recent .. There's a couple more, but they wouldn't all fit on the little stand there. Was putting them there before I moved them from a little cabinet into the main case with all my other models.

    I got those over the past few months. Mid-summer or a little before that maybe. I haven't really been buying that many, I'm currently sticking to stuff that comes to YYZ, or airlines I've been on. Some I skip anyway I'm out of space! I've got to get a new cabinet sometime.

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  • MaxPower
    Originally posted by Genessee
    It's got the GE90-115B engine. Looking for the other one though

    The Alitalia model is the Aero Classics 767.
    Is this a recent purchase ? If so, Man your collection is growing huh..

    Anyway I stopped buying models, in fact I have to get rid of them. Need to finance new camera gears (for what's it worth

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  • Genessee
    It's got the GE90-115B engine. Looking for the other one though

    The Alitalia model is the Aero Classics 767.

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  • MaxPower
    Great set, B.

    Is that a GE747 with the GE90-115B engine or the GP7200 ?

    And that Alitalia looks like a 767, right ?

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  • Genessee
    Here's a few of my favourites of my recent models:

    I think that should be sufficient to annoy Mr. Chris Sullivan

    What a waste, you can barely see the Gemini British Airways VC-10 :X

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  • Crunk415balla
    I plan on stocking up on RJ's, I just wish I had waited instead of buying a bunch of Herpa 1:500 ones while I waited for Gemini's release.

    But first and foremost, I need to find a place to put my Gemini airport. That thing is HUGE, the pictures do it little justice. Just one of the sections takes up most of a standard table.

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