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in progress Hasegawa 1/48 tomkitty

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  • in progress Hasegawa 1/48 tomkitty

    I just started work on it, I'll be posting in progress pics of the work as I do it. Like I said in the title, its a 1/48 hasegawa kit of an F-14B to be built up in the markings of the VF-32 CAG jet.

    first thing I did was the cockpit, theres just a few parts left to glue in.

    Next are the intakes. the intakes on this kit are an infamous PITA. I glued the 2 parts together, puttyed and sanded. I also filled the injector holes.

    And just glued the two assembled parts into the main intake piece. When it is dry I will fill the gaps with putty and sand again...

    The hasegawa F-14 is known for needing a lot of work since they split it up into a million pieces, the kit is way over enginered. They could have done it in far less parts. If that wasnt bad enough, hasegawa managed to make the parts fit crappy too. The only way to get through models I found is just work a little bit ever day or so. That way you do not want to kill the project your working on.

    The bird I am making

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    Good luck with the job. Im expecting you post some sneak peak photos of it while making the model.
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      Can't wait to see it finished.


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        Nice job on the cockpit, and as mentioned before I can't wait to see it finished. - playing guitar


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          Nice job...the cockpit looks great. Can't wait to see the finished product
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            Seems to me I remember hearing that the cockpit does not fit into the fuselage real good on the hasegawa 1/48 scale kit. Have you gotten to this part yet? How is it going?
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              I've been procrastinating on the intakes for the past few days but when I dry fitted the pit it wasnt pretty...


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                You were brave enough to pick up a not so easy model to assemble and decorate. Take your time.
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                  Well, there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel for this project, and its not an oncoming train. Its painted now and I'm putting the markings on and doing detail stuff. Here is a pic from the summer when the construction was pretty much done, new pics are following soon.


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                    nice job... I hope you'll finish it soon. I myself still have my 1/48, Hasegawa Tomcat still in its box...

                    Oh btw... It would be a good idea to reduce your signature to 1/48 scale too



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                      thanks...i'll just delete the sig thing.


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                        Thanks a lot