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FleetBuilding the KLM in 1:400

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    MAX, that is fantastic. Looks really cool. I will be nice when it's all done with the jetways.

    I like to collect the 1:200. I like the scale and the detail. I buy from
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      These ones are for you, Mr. Alain Durand-

      This PH-BUE aircraft was leased in 21/05/1990 by Garuda for about 3 months and 7 days. and the next time was in 01/05/1991, leased for about 2 months. Love the tail logo.

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        Hahahah your girlfriend doesn't like the little planes everywhere? That sucks, my girlfriend thinks its cute and I'm like a "little boy" with my planes everywhere and big ass airport mats. She wanted to get me the GJ terminal for xmas but I didn't let her, too much money.


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          if you liveed in the EU you could have had a chance at winning one. if you read airports of the world you know what i mean
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            Im about to assemble two cabinets for my 246 1:400scale models. They were literally everywhere. Over the tv, corners of the cabinet, on the speakers, under the tv. I mean everwhere you look, there's a model. Haha. I have now put some in their boxes, just to clean up abit.
            I am lucky that she likes my hobby. FInally !!
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              Originally posted by MaxPower
              Thank you Alain.

              You like the GA742? I got a KLM scheme with Kenya titles as well sort of like this below.

              In service for
              Kenya Airways
              o o o o o o o o o


              I took some snapshots, photos will be posted soon.

              Mixed livery are always worth the sight
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