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Custom made Cargo Loader GSE for A300B4-608ST *Beluga*

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  • Custom made Cargo Loader GSE for A300B4-608ST *Beluga*

    I have always wondered if anyone would like to challenge on making a CLT-8 or better yet the cargo loader for the A300 ST (Super Transporter) I have seen a lot of photos, and today afternoon, I couldnít stand against the temptation anymore, This one took me about 3-4 hours to complete it to its current status. I need to add 2 more side-supporters for the rear end. .

    Edit 1*

    The Cargo loader is in the paint facility right now. But due to the New year holidays, the painters left the loader undone at the " paintshop ". LOL

    This mock up is for my Toulouse diorama. Which is part of a section of A380's in corporate liveries and some A380's unpainted, will have to refurbish some Belugas too, hopefully it will look as realistic as possible. Will be basing the project from a toulouse photography. Stay tuned for the threads

    But enough yappity yap from me, Iíll let the photos talk for themselves.

    Here's some samples of the real cargo loader for the ST.

    Batch 1

    Since I dont have a better photo of the cargo loader from above, I have kept the top undone from above. The aircraft is wrong, yes. Thats the only one I had, destroyed or WO if you can call it that. It was wrapped under my improvisation.

    The big door is attached and glued on the internal wall. There are supposed to be supported by small hinges on the sides, but that's too small to make.

    Batch 2

    Anyone notice the wrong aircraft load. ?

    Anyone notice the wrong cargo ? Its a W/O SK 736, crashlanded in 2006, commanded by my little nephew in the captain seat, I think he deliberately bellylanded this poor baby boeing on the table. It would look much better if I had a spare Airbus that I can cut in chunks, just to make it look better. Hmmm...
    Dont bother the pentelpen marked windows, its not the final paint, it wwas just to give you guys an idea where the cab was.

    I'm still thinking if I should cut that Independence Air A319. This little bus is an a-ss-sitter. Guess this one will have to be butchered and sacrificed and to be eaten by the beluga.

    Thank to my fellow collector from who donated me these 6-7x Belugas for my future toulouse diorama. I knew I could use them for something good. so thank you.

    Photo 1
    As you can see here, the wings are resting on a single square sold block, but I might change that into 2 blocks instead to distribute the weight better.

    Photo 2
    This one was put on its side to show you what I did down underneath. There's crossing beams all over it, There are two units for the wheels at both ends, so easy to assemble, but the plastic rod in the middle which will be painted as the hydraulic rod. That one was a b1tch to deal with, I had to sit there with a pincet and it was a little hard due to the tight gap.

    See details underneath the loader.

    Sponsored by: "Stoppel Hobby Copenhagen" providing evergreen plastic scale model items.

    Any comments and suggestions are more than welcome. Thanks. Have a good day !

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    holy shiznick. thats awsome. i don't think any make makes the SST's loader.

    good job
    I'm the guy... Porter Guy