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new CYGU airport.

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  • new CYGU airport.

    my new airport is positioned in between the trycities and guelph to pull in some pax. passengers comefrom as far north as kingston to as far south as windsor and asfar east as buffalo and as far west as sarnia. these are the construction pics.

    first the crane is set up and blueprints are layed out

    after a few weeks the tower base can be seen and the "basement" of the airport is dug out

    the airport FD and a small part of the terminal can be seen here. aswell the tower went up one level

    this is a few months later. the tower is complete and the domestic pier is being completed. the crane begins to "rise the terminal"

    here the piers "wing" is completed as the crane beggins the main area

    now the small aircraft access arm and entrance is complete

    here the main are with customs, screening, resturants,baggage claim and chekins i9s complete as the crane begins the international pier.

    the exterior is completed as the jetways begin to be brought to the airport

    the jetway acess arms are in position as the interior is completed

    the jetways are in position and the first passengers arive at the new airport

    the international pier recives it's jetways

    the rest of the jetways are put at the airport

    jal has the honors of the first international arrival

    all construction is complete. but about 1 month after completion a sattalite terminal was needed. so now the works begin construction.
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    Nice pcitures man ! And a great story. Looks like you really got into the whole process of building an airport May I ask if your background is Eastern European by any chance ?


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      I like your work, but your layout is a little messed up.I would suggest you even before you start designing your layout and such, is that you paint the ground clean, cover all the pen marks, start a new and fresh pavement. It will look a lot better and will not look confusing, I see taxilines running trough the your building, a control tower in the middle of a road, different white lines on the runway. You seem to be a cool airport diorama maker, but I think you can do it a lot better. Just start to paint the ground, and then think and design your airport first before you start construction works and putting buildings and so on. . Have a good day, Porter !

      PS. Ask Frank to help you with designs.
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        first thing i am canadian not european.

        next thanks for the sugestion maxpower but this airport wont last long. i plan on getting a biger board. i wanted to put my models somewere
        I'm the guy... Porter Guy


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          Originally posted by porter guy

          i plan on getting a biger board.
          Hi Porter,

          Cool, a bigger airport!! When you get the new board, sand the surface real good and spray paint/brush the entire thing with med. dark gray flat enamel primer.

          Now, before doing anything else, get a ruler and a piece of paper. If your board is, let's say 4'x6', use the ruler to make a rectangle 4 inches high and six inches wide (1 inch = 1 ft), then sketch a straight line from each inch mark to the other until you have a complete NET pattern. Now, pretend those lines don't exist and draw how you want your airport laid out.

          You've completed your layout sketch, now take it, the tape measure/ruler, and a PENCIL with an eraser to your board. You want to draw the border of the Terminal and Concourses first, so look on your sketch; if the aft edge of the left concourse is at the 2 inch line across and the 1 inch line up, on the board it will be 2 ft across the bottom and 1 ft up. Make a small DOT there with the pencil. Once you place the next dot, draw a line between the two using the ruler. Continue using this method until you have sketched the entire airport layout on the board. This will take a while, and if you mess something up, erase it and do it again.

          Now, before putting ANY buildings, planes, towers, etc down, go to the auto parts store and get a big role of Masking Tape, a can of flat white enamel spray paint, and serveral rolls of white and yellow thin PINSTRIPE tape. First, use the masking tape to mask off the thicker runway lines and paint them. (think "scale"... the entire runaway couldn't be shown on a 6ft board, so just make PART of it) Let the paint dry completely then remove the masking tape..... now get the thin pinstripes and make your Taxi Lines, drive way borders, aircraft parking borders, etc etc.... just peel and stick them along the lines you have drawn earlier. (move slow and press it as you go, and where the pinstripes cross, I would suggest cutting a piece from the one on the bottom so you don't get "humps")

          Now is the time to "WEATHER" the airport surface; this can be done using pencil lead smudges, dry-brushing, paint thinnner oil spills, etc etc.

          Now, If it was me, I would go to the local hobby shop and get two or three spray cans of "Testor's Dull Coat" and in a WELL VENTILATED area, over-spray the entire surface. (this SEALS all the tape down and creates a 'uniform' texture)

          Once you step back and look at it, you WILL be inspired..... now channel this inspiration into the construction of the Buildings, Structures, etc. Remember; With the airport surface now looking so good, it would almost be a sin not to make the buildings just as appealing, right?

          Quality becomes an obsession, and it's not expensive or hard to achieve, but it does require practice & planning.... Don't ever by-pass these two important ingredients! If you're going to build something you 've never done before, practice on scrap pieces until you come up with a workable technique... remember, let 95% of the "Trial & Error" thing happen on the practice piece. It's not fast, and ultimate patience will be required, but if you stick with it you're going surprise yourself, and AMAZE those who will look at your work!

          "Don't aftermarket details save lots of trouble?"
          "Only if you'd rather spend less time modeling!"