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  • Piedmont put on hold...

    .... for a while anyhow!

    I had the "Piedmont Pacemaker" completed and was at the point of finishing the Display Base, when some real life events came about:

    At 6pm on the 16th I was holding the B732, getting ready to put it under the clear box to keep the dust off, when the phone rang.

    At 7pm I was holding my brand new 5lb 6oz Granddaughter, who was checking her old model building Grandaddy out while he introduced himself to her!!

    Mom and Baby are doing well and are home now. (that don't mean *I'm* back home modeling though.... LOL)

    This is number seven... it is wonderful to get to see your family grow, and now come to understand my grandparents much better.

    Talk to ya'll later...
    "Don't aftermarket details save lots of trouble?"
    "Only if you'd rather spend less time modeling!"

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    Frank, Congratulation with the new model. "This" one is indeed special, no other collectors have that, so consider yourself lucky hehe And big applause for finishing the Piedmont pacemaker at the same time. Well done.. Looking forward to have you back into modelling.
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      Congratulations, Frank!