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got the new gemini terminal!!!!!

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  • got the new gemini terminal!!!!!

    hey everyone.

    yeserday i got the geminijets terminal. it's really cool. with the lights and all the gates it's so cool.

    i only have7 aircraft for the terminal so i need to work of models.

    i plan to get most 1/400 scale air canada planes also as many canadian aircraft i can find.

    does anyone have any suggestions about models i should get?

    another thing was when i got it there was not stickers for the jetways. did anyone else get this problem?
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    Congratulations on your purchase. I bet you will have countless of play time with that.. Uhm I mean display time.

    As for what you should buy, My advice to you is.. "Buy what you like.."

    Check the model database at for model photos and value.

    The search function for the photos is much similar to or Anet front page.

    Good luck.
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      here are some photos of the airport

      here's the over view

      my ac A340-500has no wheels. i'm going to replace it with a new coloured one

      heres the oldest plane at the airport

      heres the westjet 737 reaady for pushback from the gate. it'll be on it's way to calgary

      this alaska 737-400 is at the A380 gate. notice how i connected one jetway to the back and the front!
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        That's a sweet looking Terminal Complex! My neck would be hurting if I had one of them, from being all bent over playing with it so much.... or as Max said, 'displaying' it so much.

        Thanks for showing it!
        Take care,
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          I hope you will have time or money to get that board painted over. The messy pentel pen taxy lines on your apron doesn't justice the beauty of your terminal.

          If you can afford the terminal, then you certainly can afford some gray paint as well. Or getting a new board
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            Wow, looking back on this now is almost kinda sad. The airport has changed so much since then that now I have to buy additional jet bridges so I can fit all of my models there.

            A lot more cargo too
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