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Quit the hobby, She said, So here it goes. No buts ! All models need to GO.

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    as for one that is dealing with this slightly I can totally agree to make sure you don't give up all your hobbies because someone asks. I used to play Softball, Ice/Roller Hockey then moved to online gaming, then dove into military AI for FS9.

    Once I got into digital photography I dove back into going to air shows and even taking off days just to go to the airport in hopes of viewing some jets. Just recently my wife has expressed that my photography is more important than her. She had a point in when we talked about moving I asked to move an hour w/in a major military base. We were looking near VA beach. I thought it was a compromise but after talking to her that wasn't the case.

    I've given up all my hobbies for another girlfriend back in the day in hopes of making her happy, but that still didn't happen. From that experience I vowed not to totally give what makes me who I am. I can adjust to make sure all my time isn't on the PC editing pictures and on weekends taking them. But having 2-3 week ends a year for air shows isn't that much. Specially when it's so seasonal and from Sept-June I have nothing going on.

    Hope this is what you want, and not just what she wants!