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Final large model going going gone!

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  • Final large model going going gone!

    So I've just moved house and along with this moved in with my g/f. As seems to be a continuing trend with woman and model aircraft she decides its too 'blokey' ie: to masculine to have in 'our' new house ( ) ..... and so it's ended up on ebay. Sad to see her go as its not something I will be likely to find or re-buy later in life if I so choose. (the model not the girl lol) anyway just thought id show you guys what im having to part with for the love of a woman.

    The sacrifices we make huh lol.

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    All i can tell you is that is a bargain at this time.

    It's worth much more. You're love is cheap...
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      No your wrong, his love isn't cheap, just him!

      What's next on the for sale list then? When you getting your pot pouri for your bog? Make the apartment proper girly? lol
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        Hopefully you never have to break up with this girl...


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          The sex better be f-ing amazing...
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