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Who makes the best aircraft models?

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  • Who makes the best aircraft models?

    All seem to cost the same, but who makes the best in quality and details?

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    Well it depends on what scale you are asking about. If you are looking at 1/400 (probably the most popular with a large number of producers), well imo;

    Aeroclassics: are #1 in details and diversity of airframes and liveries (especially if you are into retro designs and carriers) Airframes past and present are;

    B737-200 (SMA mould)
    B747-100/200 (BiG BiRDS mould)
    VC10 (out of production)
    SE-210 Carvelle
    Bac-111 (out of production)
    DC-9-10 (out of production)
    DC-8-62/63 (just announced)
    Convair CV990/880 (just announced)
    IL76 (with and without RADOME)
    DC-3 (just announced)
    DC-6 (out of production)
    FF27 (out of production)
    Lockheed Electra (out of production)
    Vickers Vanguard (out of production)
    Vickers Viscount (out of production)

    Early AC's were decaled and a bit rough around the edges thus most are not out of production, despite that they are still worthy part of any serious collection. Be warned ACs are a bit more expensive than GJs or DW due to the fact that unlike GJ and DW their production #s are low.

    BiG BiRDS: which is closely associated with Aeroclassics. Currently they produce the 747-400, 747-100/200, and 767-300 (the best 767 on the market to date). Like AC's they produce low #s which equals higher $$ but the quality and the detailing on these frames are the best bar none.

    SMA (Seattle Model Aircraft):. As with AC which the has a close association, SMA delivers stunning 737-200s and 727-100s (Aeroclassic's moulds). They have annonced 3 new DC-9 moulds for later this year.

    Gemini Jets: Next to Dragon the largest make of 1/400 scale model airliners. For the most part their standards are high though some errors on certain moulds have crept in over the last couple of months. Specfically the MD11 and 767-300 moulds. Gemini has begun a program of retooling all of their moulds so as to do away with the infamous "Gemini Gap" which held the horiz stabs in place. This gap is most noticable on their widebody frames. The DC-10 and 767s have yet to be retooled.

    Dragon Wings, sorry I am not into hybrid plastic/metal toys. I have 3 in my 300+ collection and I am looking forward to replacing the with superior all metal versions.

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      I like Dragon Wings myself. I have three of their models, and I am impressed by the quality of the models, they are very accurate, unlike Herpa. Since both of my plastic models are Flight Miniatures, I can say that they are average, but I have heard good things about Hogan Wings.


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        I like DW , GJ , SMA and AC models . If you asked me to choose , I prefer GJ because not only they release a lot of varieties of models but their models are improving even through they are not perfect . They listen to critics and improve their mould . SMA and AC models are excellent and happy with the releases so far despite fewer moulds . DW ? They are not bad but I wished there were more varieties from them instead of re-releasing models but at least they have some new moulds out lately like concorde and A310 .
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          GEMINI JETS


          CHEERS 777CRAZY


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            I've always liked mean Herpa How you can get that much detail into such a small aircraft is awesome. I dont really do much with models though. I'm afraid it would end up turning into a fullscale obsession and I just dont have room for them in my dorm


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              I've got a collection of Herpa, StarJets and BigBird models. My impression of Herpa is that their "New Generation" has become very accurate and carefully produced, as opposed to the older releases which are half toys and half collector's items. BigBird are also very good, however, their model of D-ABTH has a wrongly coloured wing. StarJets put a lot of work into their designs, but workmanship could be better.

              Anyway, I'm not the guy who gets all fired up about a window in the wrong place.


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                For me, Hasegawa is a good choice, but too bad their liveries are more or less focused on Japanese airlines only. They are reluctant to make airliners outside of Japanese airline's ranges. They don't have A330, A340, A310, B757, which Japanese airlines don't use at all.


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                  My model collection has only been started very recently and I have models by Gemini Jets, Star Jets (1:500), Herpa Wings and Dragon Wings.

                  Although the wings are made made of plastic, my favourite manufacturer is Dragon Wings. I have a Thai Airways 777-300 and it weighs more than you might think. The detail is exceptional and the price is right, too!


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                    i only collect 1;200 scale so that's where i can concentrate my comments on.

                    i only know of three manufaturers to this scale: herpa, starjets, and hogan, altough there is that japanese [or chinese] manufacturer but they are die-cast.

                    -they make a variety of aircarfts for these models, the decals, colors are very good.

                    -with the regular series, the nose gears are so far apart. the landing gears, although hanging, are not hanging the way they should be so i still have to put extra weights on one end to counter the balance. -the 747 landing gears are facing in all directons. the a340 would land first on only 2 gears, the center landing gear.

                    -the a320's wings are not positioned accurately, they're slightly moved back.

                    -all of herpa's wheels use plastic axles, so if you want to roll the plane, it creates a vibrating, plastic feel and screeching sound.

                    herpa PREMIUM
                    -i have an a300 so i can comment only on this.

                    -the mold for the roof is different from the windows and cockpit , which is also different from the belly so when assembled, it creates a line from the cockpit to the passenger wndows.

                    -the nose is separate so there is the depressed area between the nose and cockpit window.

                    -the belly is a separate part so you have a line around the belly that goes from one side of the passenger window to the other. herpa could offset all these lines by putting lines all around the plane [you know, where each metal sheet meet]

                    -the wheels are not aligned vertically so they wobble when rolled.

                    -there is a recess area at the tail end bottom of the plane. unfortunately, herpa didn't care to manually paint the area so you have a white plastic at the bottom part.

                    -still, the axles are plastic.

                    -excellent details on lights, antennaes and markings.

                    - the scale is ok but manufacturers sometime forget some details. like this triangular metail {exhaust?} the the tailend, one side has it, the other doesn't.

                    -i have a lauda air, the plane color is not accurate to the original. the engines are supposed to have the airline logo but did not.

                    -since this is snap-fit, you get all these spaces between rudder and body; wing and body.

                    -the wheels are never hanging as they should be. like herpa, the nose gear are so spaced apart and the plastic axles creates a very loud screechy sound and strong vibration when you roll the plane. this one is definitely only for display.

                    -among 1;200, the probably make the best scale models at the most reasonable price. Herpa's PREMIUM is too expensive; and starjets' details are very acceptable compared to herpa's premium.

                    -in some planes, the landing gear have all these pipes and wiring below the wings, while in most scale models, they're just flat plastic to hold the wheels.

                    -then i have this 757 with landing gears turning left and right, yes you can turn them. what's good about starjets is that they use metal for axles so when you roll the plane, it feels like real tires. their tires as well are well proportioned to scale unlike hogan's and herpa. [check herpas a318s-a321s and b737, even the bigger planes].

                    -the only thing is that starjets only produce a318-a321 and b757s. they don't make bigger aircrafts. and their website sucks! you cannot even email them. no online store either.


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                      GeminiJets...if an intruder enters your home they double as very sharp ninja stars



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                        What are you guys talking about... Schabak makes the best models . In terms of price Schabak is pretty cheap. only 7 dollars. But I say Gemini Jets and Herpa. I have some of all 3. I had a Delta 767 1:200 but my mom accidently gave it to some little kid who came to my house once
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                          i would say schabak now, till I get my DW-jets ... i got 12 sumthen sumthen models in 1/600... one day i suprised my nephew playin with them, i was pissed coz they were behind glasses before. i dont know how he reached them ..or ..anyway now some of them got some little tiny fingerprints, AND i cant get them off now .... it sucks !! BTW he like the models too ...obviously ...!!!
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                            Schabek is one of the worst quality if you are looking to collect, they however are great for toys. Compare the two.

                            Schabek Gemini Jets
                            Both NW World Planes


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                              Schabek's look pretty bad.

                              I have a lot of Herpa. I really tlike their new generation models because the landing gear actually looks real now. Gemini Jets look really good too.
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