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Building a Boeing 720 with a KC-135 kit

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  • Building a Boeing 720 with a KC-135 kit

    Hey all,

    I wanna build 2 Boeing 720s in the 1/72 scale and it seems that the only option is to get an AMT KC-135 kit and convert it to a 720, fuselage dimensions seem to be the same between the two planes give or take a few inches.

    Has anyone ever done the conversion and besides the engines are there any details I need to be aware of?


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    I have never done your conversion but here are the major visual differences.

    The 720A uses the same engine nacelle as the KC-135 or the non fan 707.

    The 720B uses the same engine as the 707-300 with TC (Turbo Compressor) on engines 2 & 3. 707's have them on 2, 3 & 4.

    The fuselage length is the same as the KC-135. There is only one over wing escape hatch.

    The 720's fuselage is the same width as the 707. The KC-135's is 6" narrower.

    There are no PAX entry doors on the KC-135. The only access to the cabin in through the main deck cargo door.

    Crew entry is through a hatch on the left side of the nose gear.

    The molded KC-135 door and hatch outlines should be sanded smooth and the 720's painted in the proper positions.

    Use a 707 model to locate the PAX (L/H) doors, galley service doors (R/H and smaller) and cargo doors (R/H lower) into proper position.
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      I think the Heller 707 kit would be a better option.


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        Thanks very much for the help. I ended up getting the Heller KC-135 kit, will post pictures when it's done .


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          There was an interesting article about building 72-B from Heller and AMT kits. I still have that issue and if you want it, I can scan it for you