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  • Spray Vs Paint brush

    I have around 60 WW2 models 1:72, and all have needed paint jobs. In my opinion, the "biggest" difference between a good model and a great model is its paint job (given the model is made well). Or another way of putting it, the only way to make your model look like a "real" aircraft but shrunk is the paint job.
    I've always been a brush painter, and have found that it gives the (WW2) aircraft a more "real" look, it replicates the finish of the real thing far better than a spray.
    I think most spray jobs look fake, very hard to acheive a sharp edge and the application is too precise and even. Now, i see magazines where the "professionals" seem to all favour the spray (it certainly cuts down time!) This usually only applies to WW2 aircraft, but i've seen some modern aircraft with spray jobs that look woeful!
    Anybody agree or am i looking at things just plain wrong?

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    Airbrush paint is the way to go if you want good looking models. If you visit websites like you'll see that about all the models are painted with an airbrush.

    It gives way better results and offers a very impressive versatility in terms of weathering for WW2 planes. If you take the time to learn how to use one you'll be very proud with the results.