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Model of Tu-154 RA-85745

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  • Model of Tu-154 RA-85745

    My model of Tu-154 Domodedovo Airlines RA-85745

    Designed by Aviapark
    Air crashes don't just happen...

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    You made her your self or is it a kit?

    Sad that she is now broken up....
    But luckely I catched her operational!
    “The only time you have too much fuel is when you’re on fire.”



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      How lucky you're to catch this bird in operation.
      Well, E3 was my favourite Russian airline. I know, they used to falling from grace for the delays and poor cabin crew service but I liked them for the fleet of only Russian airliners and for their high safety level (no crashes since 1962, not a single accident since 1992). Simply Russian Qantas

      This model is a kit. I decided to have it cause this is the first plane I took a picture of and that's the first different airline I flew after flying only Aeroflot.

      Now it's at DME without engines. It will hardly fly oneday again.
      Many "thanks" to the government which intentionally brought the airline to crisis.
      The same was done with KrasAir, Samara, Interavia, Avianova, South East Airlines.... .
      The similar fate reached Atlant-Soyuz and KMV. But this is another story..(
      Air crashes don't just happen...